5 Wedding Keepsake Ideas

September 28, 2021
Words by Lauren Ertl
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People are right when they say your wedding day goes by in a flash. One moment you’re stepping into your gown or suit and the next thing you know you’re a married human thinking, “Woah, how the heck did that happen so fast?” While you can’t slow down time, you can make sure to document the day in unique and sentimental ways to help you reminisce on those wedding day feels. Here are some of our ideas for keepsakes that won’t just take up room in storage:

Photo by Kate Timbers // See Styled Shoot Here

Flower Preservation

You’ve spent money and time on your wedding day flowers, why not keep them as a reminder of one of the greatest days of your life? There are five different ways to preserve your wedding bouquet: press them, air dry them, silica gel, epoxy resin, dip them in wax. If you’re not the DIY type, take your flowers to a professional.

Photo by Lytle Photography Company via Pressed Bouquet Shop // Product: White Wood Frame

The Classic Photo Album

You’ll no doubt want several photos of your social day hung around your home, but we also suggest having a photo album made so you can look back on the entire day from start to finish! Handcrafted with genuine leather covers, Mpix’s Signature Photo Albums look so luxurious, you may even wish to make it part of your coffee table book collection!

Photo by Mpix // Product: Signature Photo Album

Hire a Painter

What better way to celebrate a bride than by giving her an original piece of art that commemorates one of the important days of her life? Artist Cindy Shaoul is making this happen with her gorgeous ‘Brides’ series, inspired by haute couture, the classic beauty from the days of Audrey Hepburn and the elegance of Degas Ballerinas.  

“With this series,” Shaoul says, “I aim to create exotic forms with expressive and highly textural brushstrokes that are full of intense color.”  

Shaoul’s unique bridal paintings are gifts that keep on giving – both on the actual wedding day and for a lifetime after.

Art by Cindy Shaoul

Globe Guestbook

Of course, you’ll want to have a keepsake that reminds you of everyone who attended your wedding (especially later in life after your relationships have grown and evolved over the years). But, if you’re going to keep it forever, instead of having to find a permanent storage place for it, why not incorporate it in your home? Go out to your favorite home decor store and purchase a globe to have all of your guests sign. This way your entry table has a functional piece of decor that also encourages those “destination” vibes!

Photo by Tamiz Photography

Movie Poster

We’ve been seeing these pop up more and more recently. When you hear “movie poster” you may be picturing some cheesy action film, but think more “Singin’ In The Rain” than “Avengers.” This is another wonderful way to commemorate the day in a unique item that can be on display in your home for years to come!

Photo by Uncommon Goods // Created by Alexander Doll

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