6 Tips to Avoid Wedding Scams


September 16, 2021
Words by Kacey Mya
Photos courtesy of Canva

Planning a destination wedding requires an endless stream of important decisions. It’s what causes couples to feel more stressed as their big day gets closer. In addition to planning one of the best days of their lives, couples also know they’ll likely spend thousands of dollars on their wedding. It’s the perfect storm for scammers to swoop in and steal your money.

These six tips for avoiding wedding scams this season will save you time and money. When you know who you’re dealing with and where your money goes, you’ll enjoy the little moments without any extra worrying.

1. Read Multiple Reviews

There are endless pages of wedding vendor review sites on the internet. Most are reliable because they’ve been a review source for many years. As you collect the names of potential vendors, make sure you read their reviews on multiple sites. Compare what past clients wrote so you don’t walk into an untrustworthy business agreement.

You should also avoid trusting new businesses unless you know the owners personally. Scammers will create fake business websites and digital profiles to draw in stressed-out couples. It’s safer to choose companies with years of experience and a long list of positive reviews.

2. Be Wary of Budget Scammers 

Scammers take advantage of couples on a budget first because they know you likely don’t have the extra cash to take them to court. Any person or website offering thousands of dollars in discounts for planning or photography packages are probably too good to be true. While it’s normal to work with wedding vendors to stay within your budget, you’ll never find deals that large.

3. Keep Personal Information Private

After researching the vendors you find most trustworthy, be wary of any who request your private information. Scammers often pose as industry officials needing personal information. 

At most, legit vendors in any industry will request your payment information when you put down your deposit. A single check or credit card number will suffice.

4. Pay With Extra Protection

Many vendors allow online payments because they’reconvenient. Scammers use this angle to get virtual access to your bank account or social security number. Suppose you need to make a deposit through your vendor’s website. In that case, it’s always safer to use a third-party payment service if possible because they’re an extra barrier between your private information and hackers.

5. Get Everything in Writing

All contracts, promises and payment plans should end up in writing. Scammers won’t want written proof of their manipulation. Before signing anything, always double-check the fine print, which is often where scammers hide the evidence of their tricks.

6. Meet Everyone In Person

Destination couples find it easier to video chat with vendors, but you should meet in-person with them if possible. Scam artists won’t want to meet you in a physical location because they don’t have a business shop to prove they’re legit.

It also takes time to schedule in-person meetings, which goes against the urgency scammers use to panic you into sending them information. List your vendors, write your interview questions and hire the most experienced, trustworthy people who fit your budget.

Take Your Time

These six tips for avoiding wedding scams this season will make your destination wedding planning much easier. If possible, start planning early so you can take your time. When you don’t feel rushed, stressed or panicked, you’ll find reliable vendors that will make all your wedding dreams a reality.

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