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7 Tips for Planning Your Engagement Session Abroad


April 6, 2023
Words by Brianna Voegeli
Photos courtesy of Brianna Voegeli Photography

Having your engagement photos taken abroad can be a beautiful and memorable experience. The planning part, on the other hand, can be a bit overwhelming! Keep reading to discover seven tips on how to make your engagement photos abroad a fabulous and stress-free experience.

  • Decide if your proposal will take place before the trip or during the trip and if you want the proposal photographed.

This one is more for the person planning the proposal – but decide if you want that photographed on your trip, or if you want to propose before. If you decide to propose on the trip, these photos are always extra special and magical. But make sure you look into traveling with an engagement ring! The last thing you want is for it to be discovered by airport security.


  • Choose the right location.

This can seem a bit overwhelming as there are so many amazing countries to visit! So just start doing some research on different locations and choose one that either has special meaning or is a place the two of you have always wanted to visit. Once you have the main theme chosen, it is easier to pick a specific country. For example: an old European town, a tropical beach, or stunning mountains just to name a few. 

  • Choose your photographer.

Google and Instagram are your best friends here! Take a look around online and start to get an idea. The first thing to decide is the style of photography. Right now, two of the more popular styles are bright and fine art style, or a little darker and moodier. Once you decide on this, it really narrows it down! It’s always helpful to choose a photographer from the country so they are a bit familiar with the area, traveling around, and researching. Depending on the size of the country, the region might also be relevant if the country is really big. For smaller countries, however, you don’t need to worry about it if the photographer has never been a certain town/mountain/beach. This is because it is easy for them to travel and do research on that particular area!

  • Decide on the time of year.

Coming from the mountains this is a big one for me as well! The different seasons will result in many different types of photos. But the differences in the seasons will also vary from location to location. If you’re choosing a mountain location for example, in the winter they will be full of snow and the summer the mountains will be covered in grass and flowers. Both are beautiful options but it just depends on what you want. Some places will also have beautiful orange leaves in the fall. If you are choosing a popular tourist location, also be aware of the high seasons as that might impact how many people are around, but also the costs of travel, and hotels. 

  • Plan ahead.

Make sure you book your photographer and hotel well ahead of time! Especially if it’s high season your photographer might also be busy with weddings. Booking during the week will offer some more flexibility. 

  • Pack accordingly.

Consider bringing multiple outfits for the photoshoot. That way you can change halfway through and have two different looks (or more!). Sometimes it can be nice to have a more casual look, and a fancier one. Also consider the time of year and location that you choose, as this affects the type of clothes you want to bring. For example, a beach photoshoot versus a mountain top photoshoot might look better with different outfits. 

  • Relax and have fun!

This one seems a bit obvious but always worth a mention. Most people are uncomfortable in front of the camera, but try to just relax and enjoy the time with your new fiancé in the incredible location that you have chosen. 


About the author: Brianna Vögeli is a wedding photographer based in Graubünden, Switzerland. She is originally from Canada but loves exploring her new home. You can find her out capturing amazing weddings or relaxing at home with a good black tea. Visit her website here or follow along on Instagram here.

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