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Achieve White Wedding Teeth

November 4, 2019
Words by Lauren Marshall
Photos courtesy of HaloSmile

Everyone wants sparkling white teeth to show off on their wedding day. But often whitening programs are not only expensive but not effective. Plus, I’ve always had an issue with my enamel being broken down and my teeth actually hurting after using whitening products. So, before trying HaloSmile, I was honestly skeptical.

I immediately loved the fact that you could pick what shade of white you wanted. In my opinion, sometimes over whitening teeth can be just as bad. 

Their kit came with six applications and everything I needed to have an instant, white smile. Also, I absolutely adored the fact that they are mineral-based, peroxide-free and stain preventative. Yes, I said stain preventative. That’s because their kits are made with a little thing called PCT which stands for protective coating technology. This means you can count on your pearly whites lasting throughout your day of vigorous teeth brushing, drinking PSLs and enjoying wine with the girls. All of those examples may or may not have been from personal experience…

Anyway, the point is HaloSmile instantly made my teeth whiter and they lasted! The minty finishing coat was also refreshing and helped polish up any areas I missed. Once I got the hang of it, the product only took two minutes to apply each day.

Whether you’re planning a destination wedding on the snowy or white-sandy beaches, we recommend giving your teeth a white glow to match!

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