Creating Your Wedding Logo

August 22, 2019
Words by 99designs
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Creating a custom brand for your event can set the tone of your destination wedding early on. Use the logo across your website, save the dates, invitations, RSVPs, thank you cards, etc. to create a unified look and set expectations for the big day. 99designs invites you to think “sophisticated black-tie” for your logo versus a specifically themed wedding. They’ve listed ways to achieve the ideal look below:

Classic Monograms:

These monogram-type logos hark back to historical coats of arms and family emblems. This may give you the unique opportunity to dive into some family history as well. Take inspiration from your ancestors and personify it to fit your style as a couple.

(Image credit: monogram logo by CityX on 99designs)

Embellished Creative Typography: 

Looking for a more modern or artistic look? Embellished creative typography such as the below watercolor design. This will help you capture the unique personality of your event away.

(Image credit: by Pecas on 99designs)

Timeless Monochrome: 

Maybe you’re not feeling tied to a color scheme. The monochrome look reflects tradition and timelessness of classic formal weddings.

(Image credit: by Pikis on 99designs)

Wedding logos can make great mementos to keep the memories alive long after the day is over. Take this inspiration and run with it, and have a happy time destination wedding logo hunting!

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