Groom’s Guide to Wedding Prep

August 23, 2019
Words by Seth McKinley
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The groom’s to-do list for the wedding can be lengthy; no matter if you’re a groom or his bride we have created the groom’s go-to guide for wedding prep so you know you won’t forget a thing! Guys, give this a read through and check things off your list as you go. Being proactive will make the planning process that much easier and enjoyable!


1. Find your suit

After you and your fiancé discuss color and theme, it’s time to find the suit to match. When it comes to choosing one, find a suit that makes you feel comfortable and confident!

2. Pick out your accessories

Don’t be afraid to add stand-out accessories and pops of color. Whether you love suspenders or maybe a funky bow-tie, these details will show your personality on your wedding day!

3. Plan your bachelor party

Luckily, you will likely have your groomsmen to help you out with this. However, you still have to be an integral part of the planning. Do some research and let your bros know what location/activities are on the top of your list.

4. Plan a haircut

Likely you know when the best time is to get a haircut before your wedding. Take the months before the big day to plan that out with your hairdresser so you will have the ideal look for your wedding.

5. Groom your facial hair

Grooming your facial hair doesn’t have to be done by a pricey professional the day of your wedding. The experts in shaving from Harry’s say that if you have the right shaving tools, then you can achieve a close shave and clean lines easily.

6. Get your groomsmen’s gifts

The guys in your wedding have helped you along the way in your planning process, so when the day comes, you should give them a proper “thank you.” For a destination wedding, gifting things they can utilize on the trip is always a good idea!

7. Write your vows

If you and your fiancé are writing your own vows, then this is definitely something to plan out ahead of the wedding. You want them to be short, sweet and personal. And don’t forget to practice, practice, practice!

8. Whiten your teeth

Whitening your teeth so your smile shines and is bright for all of the photos that will be taken on your wedding day is a small, but significant addition to your overall look. If it’s too close to the date to do anything extensive, there are teeth whitening strips that can whiten your teeth a whole shade within an hour!

9. Treat yourself

It’s just as important for men to have glowing skin on their wedding day as it for the bride. After all, you will both be in tons of pictures and it’s important to feel your best. So treat yourself to new skincare or a facial before your wedding!

10. Learn how to dance

For your first dance, you want to make sure you have a rhythm that fits your song of choice. Maybe even attend a dance class with your fiancé to make sure you nail your first dance as husband and wife!

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