Low-Maintenance Beach-Bride Makeup


November 9, 2020
Words by Kacey Mya
Photos courtesy of Canva

The beach isn’t a typical place to wear a face full of makeup, but everything changes when the coast is your wedding venue. Outdoor beach weddings are inherently romantic, but they also present a beauty challenge. How are you supposed to plan your makeup for a place all about relaxing in the sun and surf?

Check out this low-maintenance guide to beach-bride makeup to get all the answers to your questions. You’ll find tips and inspiration to piece together the ultimate bridal beauty look, so you can feel confident and gorgeous when you walk down that sandy aisle:

1. Wear a Waterproof Style

Whether brides host their wedding indoors or outdoors, sweat eventually becomes an issue. You’ll likely feel it begin to bead on your forehead as you say your vows under the sun, but you’ll definitely notice it by the time your beachside reception starts. The last thing you want is to sweat all your makeup off, so wear a waterproof style. Talk to different makeup artists to see how you can sweat-proof your glam so you’ll be styling all night long.

2. Prevent Problems With Primer

You might worry about applying waterproof makeup if you oily skin. While it should be fine, you can always combat oil with primer. Don’t worry — primer can even fight acne and prevent blemishes, so you won’t wake up on your honeymoon with skincare on your mind.

3. Combine Makeup and Sunscreen

Beach brides can also make their final style simple by only using products that double as sunscreen. Most beach weddings host the ceremony and reception outdoors, which means you’re more likely to get a sunburn. Save your skin the trouble with SPF makeup products that won’t leave you with a sheen on your cheeks and forehead. It’s much easier than trying to apply makeup after rubbing standard sunscreen on your face or spraying it on after you finish your look.

4. Carry a Blotter

Depending on the sun’s position, the location’s humidity and the makeup your stylist uses, your face may appear shiny from certain angles during your wedding. If you or your maid of honor carries a blotter, it will help you look camera-ready, so your photographer can get clear photos and you can capture vivid memories in your wedding video. Gently dab at any area that shines, and you’ll be ready for more pictures.

5. Contour With Powder

If you mingle with guests and they see stripes of bronzer or highlighter on your skin, it will be much more difficult to ignore while you’re at the beach. Instead, you can contour with powder to achieve a natural glow and avoid a style that looks out of place. Worried about the wind blowing your powdered products away? Finish your glam with a setting spray to lock everything down and make your face last all night.

6. Go Big on the Eyes

Effortless beauty often means going soft on the lips and blush, so go big on the eyes. You’ll look stunning without having a ton of products on your face. As you consider what you usually do with your makeup, you can check out bridal eye beauty ideas on Pinterest to decide between gradient eyeshadow colors and how bold your eyeliner should be.

Test Your Look Early

You don’t have to go big on your wedding glam when you get married in a casual setting like the beach. Use these low-maintenance tips to decide how you want to look and test your makeup ideas early. You could even go to the beach ahead of time to see how everything holds up under the sun, wind and sweat. With preventative steps and planning, you’ll be a gorgeous bride without putting too much effort into your final look.

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