Pre-Wedding Expert Skincare Tips

June 22, 2021
Words by Lauren Ertl
Photos courtesy of Karen Loudon Photography

Glory Skincare is a black-owned business that provides clean skincare and self-care essentials for every hue. We got the privilege of speaking with the company’s newly engaged CEO & Founder, Alisia Ford, about her backstory, tips for soon-to-be brides and running a business while planning her very own wedding. 

Q: What drew you to the skincare industry? And what was your main inspiration for Glory Skincare?
A: Although I was a former attorney and marketing executive for several large retail brands, I’ve always been a consumer first. I really struggled to find non-toxic beauty products that were formulated for my dark skin. That’s where I saw an opportunity to put women of color and their skin at the center of beauty. The result is Glory: the community we want and the products we need, created by the experts we trust. Because when we’re empowered to take the lead, we can create a new kind of beauty movement where all women feel seen.

Q: For soon-to-be brides, what would be your daily skincare routine suggestion?
A: My suggestion would be to keep it simple. Less is always better. The goal is not to have perfect skin, but healthy skin. We at Glory define healthy skin to mean the skin is protected (by a daily SPF), balanced (keeping oil production at moderate levels) and cared for (love the skin you’re in by making sure you invest in your well-being and mental health). With that being said, a cleanser, exfoliant, moisturizer, and SPF are all a part of my daily routine.

My skincare routine consists of:

    • Dehiya Beauty Hydrating Safi Mist

      A blend of floral and botanical extracts that boost hydration and provide antioxidants to the skin. I use the most to help prepare the skin for serums and oils. And, better yet, it’s simply refreshing. It’s my go-to summer mist when I’m laying by the pool and need a refresh.

    • GlowRx Skincare Moringa Luminous Face Oil

      I have dry skin, so I look for oils high in omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E. The GlowRx oil has all of this and includes Bergamot Fruit Oil. I apply a dime size drop and spread it all over my face and neck.

    • KLUR Elements of Comfort Body Treatment Oil

      This is a botanical multipurpose oil that is so aromatic and rich in antioxidants. It’s my favorite part of my shower routine. I apply it to my entire body after I’ve showered.

    • Lastly, I have monthly visits with my esthetician, Sheila of L’Mu Salon in Portland.

      She’s the only Black esthetician in the Pearl District and highly trained in treating skin of color. From my work with Sheila, I have learned to shift my focus first on deep cleansing, hydrating, and lastly, toning the skin.

Q: Running a business and planning a wedding at the same time can’t be easy. What are some of your favorite relaxation techniques at the moment?
A: You are so right! It’s been difficult to balance. I spend my evenings taking baths, which I’m sure for some may sound cliche. But if anyone knows me, they know I enjoy a good, relaxing bath. I’m very intentional with the process, from the soft rugs on the floor to step on, to the scented Glory candles I have on my counter, to the Epsom salts I use to draw the bath. Throughout the day, I try to stretch and do a few breathing exercises. And lastly, biweekly I make time for my virtual therapy sessions.

Q: Since you’ll be saying “I do” soon, we just have to ask: will you be having a destination wedding? If so, where?
A: We are having our wedding in Portland, OR at the Nines Hotel. Although me and my fiance live in Portland, most of our family and friends will be flying in for the occasion from Lagos, Nigeria, Southern California, and various parts of the East Coast. So in some ways, it’s definitely a destination wedding for many.
And we’ll be heading to Maui, HI for our honeymoon.

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