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Pro Tips for Healthy W-Day Hair


August 30, 2022
Words by Jessie Allen
Photos courtesy of Stephanie Lynn Co.

When it comes to hair, everyone desires healthy, glossy locks with no split ends, but none more than a bride on their wedding day! However, due to the varying textures, lengths, and densities, it can be hard to know which routines and products will work for your hair.

Even if you think your hair is too damaged, changing your hair habits now will save your locks from further challenges. Susie Bridgeman-Sutton, beauty specialist at Thunderbird Skin has shared the seven secrets to healthy hair below!

1. Use the correct shampoo

The process of shampooing is vital as it eliminates excess oils. Sebum is an oily substance that keeps your skin and scalp moisturized. If you are skipping this step or using the wrong product for your scalp type, the sebum quickly builds up and makes your hair oiler. Sebum can also attract microfauna which causes dandruff build-up and a dry scalp. Opt for shampoos that also treat scalp issues, such as eczema, as they are filled with natural ingredients which are kind to the skin and don’t cause irritation. The Protect & Repair Shampoo contains Apple Cider Vinegar, which is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and soothing, and Nettle, which is clinically proven to counter hair loss and stimulate growth.

2. Head massages

Incorporate head massages into your daily routine as this promotes blood flow to the follicles, which help boost hair health. If you find yourself stressed, the scalp is where the tension is held and regular massages on that area will keep nutrients circulating. Use a hair serum on your hair and then use your fingertips to apply light circular pressure to your scalp and down to your neck. Repeat this before you shampoo.

3. Use cold water for a shine

An easy trick to give your hair an extra shine is to use a lower temperature on your shower. After you’ve finished your usual hair wash routine, have a cold rinse. This will close the cuticle and help to reflect the light, leaving your hair shiny. Top with protecting serums and oils for an added gleam.

4. Rinse again and again

It is vital to rinse very well after you shampoo and condition your hair. Any product that gets left behind will feel very heavy and sticky when your hair dries. This is also important in between the different products you use, a great trick before you wash your conditioner out is to apply a tiny amount of shampoo back on top to help wash away every drop of product.

5. Change your hairdryer technique

There is no surprise that heat can cause damage to your hair. If you do use styling tools to dry your hair, ensure you apply an adequate amount of heat protection to your strands to minimize breakage and split ends. Try not to use too much friction with your towel as this can impact the cuticles in the hair shaft. Simply, squeeze out any water and soften the cuticles with smoothing cream. Use a large paddle brush and control the air flow with the concentration nozzle. Dry from root to tip as this will smooth the hair as opposed to creating frizz in different directions.

6. Try DIY styling hacks

If you air-dry your hair, you can reduce damage and save time. Finer hair can be air dried and thicker hair can be heat dried but then left for a week before the next wash. A trick that works for all hair types is to plait your damp hair into two and sleep in them. This will leave you with beachy waves the next morning and with no frizz. You can even go old-fashioned and sleep in a silk/satin bonnet, this will reduce friction overnight and leave you with less breakage and split ends.

7. Use your layers

As heat is bad for your hair, you need to ensure all the strands are protected. Grab small sections of damp hair and mist it up and down the length. Once it’s all covered, comb your hair to distribute the formula. Adding heat protection to your top layer only will not protect the bottom layers, causing breakage and hair thinning.

Vendors: Photographer: Stephanie Lynn Co.; Boat: Grand Hotel Tremezzo; Groom’s Attire: M Dumas & Sons; Bride’s Attire: Daalarna Couture; Beauty: Alessandro Mancino; Earrings & Headpiece: EDEN LUXE Bridal; Styled by: Amy Mulder Photography

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