Photo by Video Dattani // Stationery by Vidhi Dattani Designs

Stationery Trends to Save For Your Future Wedding


June 19, 2023
Words by Lillian Finley
Photos courtesy of various

The wedding invitation is a marriage’s first impression. While it is often overlooked in the midst of bigger and flashier details, the value of good stationery cannot be overstated. From the moment your guests first slide your invitation out of the envelope to the “Thank You” cards they receive after the big day is done, stationery matters. Good stationery is timeless, visually pleasing, and perfectly accents the theme of the wedding it is a part of. 

But not all stationery is created equal. Just like wedding ceremonies, stationery goes through the ups and downs of trends that can make or break the aesthetic of your special day. Take a look at this list to discover trends that we’ll probably be seeing more of in the future. 

Photo by Video Dattani // Stationery by Vidhi Dattani Designs

Go Above and Beyond with Maximalism 

Maximalism, the direct opposite of its cousin minimalism, is the art of rejecting the design status quo. It is bright, colorful and not always as elegant as traditional wedding stationery styles. But inelegant doesn’t always mean unpleasant. When done right, maximalist wedding stationery can set a fun, light-hearted tone for your special day. This style says that the bride-and-groom-to-be are looking forward to a big day that is anything but stuffy. Maximalist stationery is perfect for any fun-loving couple looking to share their excitement with guests. 

Photo by Karol R. Photographie // Stationery: Crème de Papier

Keep it Green: Sustainable Stationery

Sustainable design can be as much about aesthetics as it is about saving the planet. The materials used in sustainable wedding stationery gives each piece a unique look. Though it is possible to achieve any look with sustainable stationery, it is typically characterized by its muted browns and neutral tones. The inclusion of biodegradable materials, ethically-sourced substances, and recycled papers can elevate any stationery to a piece of rustic-themed artwork in its own right. It can be paired with repurposed floral arrangements, rented decor, and a plant-filled venue for a wedding ceremony that is low-pollution and low-waste. For couples big on eco-friendliness, sustainable stationery serves as an opportunity to express their passion for both the Earth and each other on their big day.

Photo by Hunter Ryan Photography // Stationery by Emily Baird

Floral Print

While floral print for wedding stationery is not necessarily a new trend, a new use of the floral accent has re-invigorated this classic design choice in recent years. As opposed to the classic neutral tones of traditional floral stationery, the modern version of this trend takes advantage of bright, occasionally contrasting colors to draw viewers in. To add an extra layer of depth in photos, pair this colorful yet elegant stationery design with a matching accessory for a complementary look. 

Photo by Video Dattani // Stationery by Vidhi Dattani Designs


While not new, hand-drawn wedding stationery will always be in style. The benefits of working with a calligrapher who can custom-create any piece of wedding stationery to be perfectly tailored to your special day far outweigh the occasional added costs. Hand-drawn stationery brings a personal touch that any wedding guest is likely to appreciate. It can also add a beautiful artistic vibe to the look of your stationery. Watercolor textures and hand-drawn elements are the highlight of this style. For artistic couples, this stationery can also become a D.I.Y. project. But, if art isn’t your strong suit, you can still discover and support a local artist in addition to having gorgeous one-of-a-kind stationery. 

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