The Perfect Personalized Wedding Gift

June 2, 2021
Words by Marlee Michelson
Photos courtesy of Mumi Design

We know there’s always a lot of stress in choosing the right personalized gift for each couple, and mumi Design is here to make your wedding gift shopping a breeze.

Mumi Design, the Miami-based company founded by two Latina “mom-trepreneurs,” was founded in 2014 with a passion for creating an efficient and practical way to get organized. Frustrated by not finding the right products to satisfy their packing and tidying-up needs (both self-confessed OCD types), Gabriela Mekler and Maribel Moreno decided to create their own line of simple yet Instagram-friendly, high-quality products designed for travel and home organizational solutions.

For those hoping to secure some travel plans in 2021, the Toiletry Cubes Honeymoon Set is the perfect way to keep two active lovebirds organized for any and all occasions. The set of toiletry cubes offers a smart and stylish way to pack the essentials whether it’s for travel, a trip to the gym, pool, the beach, or the spa.

This set of travel luggage organizers contains 3 cubes in different sizes and are available in a wide array of different colors so each spouse can choose their own color to keep all their things organized. A solution for clutter-free packing, the packing cubes can be used for everything from shirts and sweaters to swimsuits and other small items. By keeping their bags organized, they’ll not only save space but also cut down on their unpacking time. Made from lightweight, durable material, the mumi packing cubes are the perfect companion for any trip!

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