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April 14, 2022
Words by Sara Margulis
Photos courtesy of Urbazon

5 Relationship-Building Activities to do on Your Honeymoon

The image of the quintessential honeymoon usually includes sunshine, relaxation, romantic meals, and plenty of time to be intimate – all with a very slow-moving vibe. The frenetic energy of the wedding planning and the big day itself is behind you, and the promise of a love-filled life lies ahead. Any thoughts of the challenges of life to come are met with an equal sense of “together we can do anything.” And you can.

But what if there were some habits you could start on your honeymoon that would set you up for marital success in the years to come?

As the founder of Honeyfund and someone who’s been through a divorce, it’s my mission to help couples keep love alive for the long haul. Through my work with honeymooners, my psychology research background, and my passion for lasting love, I’ve learned there are activities you can do on your honeymoon, and then keep doing for life to ensure your love can truly face all life has in store for you.

Create space to just be

You’ve just come off a very intense time – planning the wedding – that required a lot of talking to each other. Take some time to just be together without having to say anything. Practicing mindfulness together is a proven key to marital joy.

Walk together every day

Walking is a healthy habit and one that can give you daily built-in time to connect. Relationship science is finding that time spent being fully present together is gold when it comes to keeping relationships healthy. And this habit doesn’t have to stop when children come into the picture.

Always have your next vacation scheduled

Honeyfund’s data shows that couples who travel together, stay together. My boyfriend and I always make a point to choose a time for our next vacation while we’re on vacation – and ask for the time off right then and there. That way we always have something to look forward to, and we don’t inadvertently skip a trip when life gets too busy. Even while on your honeymoon, it’s the perfect time to plan a staycation, road trip, or camping trip to look forward to.

Try something new

As anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship knows, the more you get to know your partner, the novelty that keeps a relationship exciting starts to wear off. One way to keep that energy alive in a relationship is to do new things together. You probably already know some things you enjoy doing together, but you have a lifetime to explore more! While on your honeymoon, try a new sport like tennis, golf, dancing or scuba and see what might stick for your future.

Create a chores agreement

It might sound too boring or mundane for your honeymoon, but utilizing this time away from everyday life to envision how your home will be managed – what your standards are, who will do what, etc. – will help you avoid potential problems in your newly married life. Here’s a great step-by-step guide to splitting up chores.

Remember, you truly are in this together, from this point forward! Starting habits that create time to be together, relax together, work together and agree on how to manage the home will ensure you’re able to tackle anything that comes your way.

About the Author:CEO and founder of Honeyfund (the number one honeymoon and universal gift registry site), worked in online marketing and customer service before starting the company back in 2005. Ms. Margulis’s winning appearance on “Shark Tank” (2014) propelled her into regional, national, and international broadcast media appearances, discussing topics including weddings and honeymoons, personal finance, entrepreneurship, motivation and women in business.

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