How to Propose

Tips on How to Propose

July 1, 2019
Words by Courtney Kellar
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So, you’ve found the one? Congratulations! Deciding you’re ready to pop the question is a big step, but it’s just the first in a series of tough decisions. If all goes to plan, you will only propose and get engaged once, so you want to do it right! We’ve asked two industry experts to weigh-in and share tips for grooms on how to propose. If you’re a future bride doing the asking, the same general rules apply! 

Below, find 7 things to consider pre-proposal from Nathan Bellah, Director of Marketing at Generation Tux.

Pre-Proposal Check List:

  • Look Good:
    Get a suit with a stylish look. One that is timeless and fits well. Make it a neutral color, so you match whatever she is wearing.
  • Pocket Square:
    She is going to cry. And let’s be real…you may too.
  • Hidden Photographer:
    Capture the surprise so you can share with friends and family, but also have the moment trapped in time.
  • Lunges:
    Don’t drop to one knee and not be able to get up. 
  • Deodorant:
    The toughest of guys will be sweating bullets. 
  • Check yourself:
    Look in the mirror for a quick check. Teeth, nose…you get it. 
  • Breathe:
    Anxiety can cause some weird body reactions. Can’t have you passing out!

Before you can pop the question, you need to buy a ring! This is arguably the most important step toward getting engaged. Kaeleigh Testwuide, President of The Diamond Reserve, is sharing 4 things to do before asking him or her to say “I do!”

How to Propose in 4 Steps:

1. Time to shop.
When you have decided you are going to pop THE question, you should start the engagement ring shopping process as soon as possible. It is never too early, the more time you have, the better. If you are looking to select a diamond and design the ring, you typically need about a month head start. Going out and purchasing the first ring you see at the first store you visit is never a good idea. Do your research, get educated and find a jeweler you can trust to ensure you are getting the best quality for your budget.

2. Do your research.
Do some research to find out which style engagement ring your partner will love and cherish. If they have a Pinterest account, they may have a board with rings pinned to get inspiration from. If you are both really open about it, take the time to chat with them to get ideas about what they will love, maybe go into a few stores together. If you are trying to keep it top secret, they may have a sibling or a best friend that has some insight. If you have no idea, and want to keep it a total secret, consult a jeweler. Based on your significant other’s style and personality, they can help you to determine a timeless style that you can’t go wrong with. Although you are buying the engagement ring, you have to remember they are wearing it for life and you want them to be proud to show it off!

3. Get a Blessing.

You want to give yourself enough time to ask your significant other’s parent or parents’ permission to ask them to marry you. Although this is an old tradition it is still highly valued by parents and will show them the respect you have for them. Making an effort to ask in person is definitely most respectable, but if you live far away and time does not permit, calling is great too! This is not something you want to ask through a text message or email.

4. Plan.
It is really important to consider what kind of proposal your significant other would like – they will be telling the story for years to come! If they are really outgoing maybe you propose one-on-one and have a party planned to follow with all their friends. If they are very close with their family maybe you propose in front of the family, of course letting the family know prior as to when it will be happening. Consider if they are quieter and more reserved. That would be a sign you shouldn’t ask in front of a crowd, make it personal and intimate. Do they love having special moments in life captured on camera? Hire a photographer to hide out and capture the moment followed by some couples’ photos to be taken, making it fun for your significant other to share on social media. However you decide to propose, make sure it is special and memorable, something you and your partner will both love. Most importantly, give yourself time to plan, that way your proposal goes off without a hitch.

Once you’ve proposed and your one true love says, “yes,” it will be time to decide whether or not you should choose to have a destination wedding. Discover our article, Hometown vs Destination Wedding? to discover if a destination wedding is the right fit for you!

Photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): The Diamond Reserve (1st & 3rd), Brooke Boyd Photography (2nd) and Generation Tux (4th & 5th).

Note: this post was first published on March 5, 2019.

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