Wedding Guest Packing List – Winter Weddings


December 26, 2022
Words by Alexandra Aley
Photos courtesy of Canva

You’ve just received an invitation to your first destination wedding! All that excitement and joy is quickly turned upside down when you begin to worry about what to pack. You want to make the most of the experience, while also making sure you have all the necessary things in your suitcase for the occasion. Well, look no further! Let this list serve as your cold weather destination wedding packing guide:

Winter-Specific Clothing

The first thing to consider is: where the wedding is taking place. Prepare for the cold weather! It is always better to have more layers than not enough. Be sure to grab the puffer jacket and snow boots from the closet. Do your research on the location to make sure all your belongings align with the activities. From there, gather all the staple items needed for the trip. This includes pajamas, shorts/pants, comfortable shoes, t-shirts, sweaters, socks and undergarments. Another important packing essential regardless of the climate is a bathing suit. You never know when there will be a hot tub in your future!

Comfortable Shoes/Change of Shoes

The next essential item to bring is comfortable shoes. Remember, no matter where you go, there will be lots of activities that require walking. Be sure to pack your dressy shoes, but don’t forget how important the comfortable ones are also. We recommend looking over the itinerary and researching the location because low-cut boots can be filled with snow pretty easily. Be prepared for the climate. You want to be able to last on your feet for a while and if it requires you to bring a change of shoes, that’s totally fine!

Wedding Day Attire

This should be one of your most dressy outfits of the trip. Again, consider the weather and itinerary. In the snowy mountains, (and depending on the dress code which may be found on your invitation or the couple’s wedding website) a semi-formal gown with a faux fur jacket will keep you looking elegant and most importantly, warm. Jumpsuits are also a great, comfortable option. But be sure to add your touch of style to whatever outfit to decide to wear. It can also be helpful to put this outfit in a separate garment bag from the rest of the suitcase to avoid the risk of it getting wrinkled. Also, be sure to pack any accessories such as jewelry or handbags to tie the outfit together. Remember, cool tones compliment chilly wear. Emerald green, velvet red and neutrals are all great examples of fashionable colors.

Personal Essentials

Ladies, this means the makeup kit, curling iron, hairspray, face wash, makeup remover wipes, favorite lipgloss and whatever else may be needed to be ready for the celebration. Be sure to include Advil and Pedialyte because we all know just how delicious cocktails can be… until the next morning. Pack the hairbrush, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, perfume/cologne and sunglasses (no matter what occasion). It helps to have a toiletries bag to separate all of these items from the rest of the suitcase as well. Remember to pack a pair of fuzzy socks too.

Carry-on Items

The last and final packing essential is all of your carry-on items. This includes a passport, valid ID, boarding passes, hotel reservation information (if applicable), extra cash, and a change of clothes. Check once, twice and three times that you have all these items because they are detrimental to your travels. Store all of these items in a secure travel bag with zipper pockets and keep them in a safe/secure place during your trip.

Packing is never easy and can be the most stressful part of a trip. Remember to do your research on the location and read over the itinerary to be sure you have everything you need. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the couple with questions, it is always better to be over-prepared than underprepared. Most importantly, be sure to bring an open mind and positive attitude to the special day. Make the most of your experience and enjoy the celebration!

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