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August 13, 2020
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As dreamy as destination weddings can be, budgeting for them can not only be a nightmare but it can put stress on you and your partner. That’s why financial therapy is exponentially more important than it seems.

We spoke with Amanda Clayman, financial therapist and Prudential’s Financial Wellness Advocate, to find out how couples should navigate the emotions and financial curveballs of getting married. We’ve broken it down into five common issues and how Amanda suggests you address them.

1. Facing the loss of expectations.

“When we get into the planning process and have to move from fantasy to reality, we need to process.”

2. The details may not matter as much to your partner.

“One of the realities is that the wedding is the most important thing we have going on right now, ask yourself, ‘how important is it to the other person’.”

“You might be a saver, your partner may be a spender (and that’s ok). Don’t let differences freak you out during engagement, work through them together.”

3. Prenups: is it bad to consider one?

“This brings out all the feels, especially if you have different views on the topic, but identifying your underlying emotions about money can lead to easier conversations.”

“If you are going into it thinking that it is useful because you want to communicate with your partner, they can actually be quite helpful.”

4. Bridal guilt is real, and if your boundaries aren’t clear it can escalate.

“Wedding are an exercise in new boundaries – boundaries that protect you and your partner.”

“So you can’t afford to invite all your friends to the wedding, or some bridesmaids can’t afford your bachelorette party – breathe, and untangle the feelings from the facts.”

5. Self-care: is it really that important?

“We want to make sure to check back in with ourselves. Also, ensuring time outside of wedding planning with your partner will help you get back to the basics: being in love.”

Having someone on your team as a couple will help to fight fears and insecurities, forming money mindsets that promote mental and financial wellness whilst planning the wedding and into marriage. 

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