Wedding Villa Decor Ideas


April 1, 2021
Words by Ann Marie Bantigue
Photos courtesy of Canva

Your wedding day is definitely one of the most important and unforgettable days of your life. It is the time when you finally say goodbye to your singlehood and commit to a more sacred, more serious relationship called marriage. Thus, you should spend it in a place so amazing and beautiful. It has to be perfect!

Weddings in getaway villas have now become a trend. The relaxing ambiance, the exotic beauty it exudes and just the overall romantic vibes it gives makes it a popular choice for many couples. But what else can you do to make it more elegant? To make it extra romantic? Well, here are some of the ideas we thought will surely spruce up your getaway villa for that chic and classic wedding.

Decorate The Staircase

Walking down the aisle on its own is exciting, but walking down the stairs to the waiting crowd? It adds more class and elegance to the bridal walk.

Decorating the villa’s staircase and railings will make you feel like royalty as you walk down. Adorn it with draperies and even different kinds of flowers that befit your motif. Adding a few light fixtures will also produce a more illuminating feeling. It’s like you are being guided by the lights to the right path! Bulbs and candles are equally amazing, but you’ve got to be extra careful with the heat and flames though.

Add Petals To The Walkway

A wedding day is not Valentine’s Day. But it is, no question, a day of love. No other day can be more romantic than this. Remember the feeling of walking on rose petals on the walkway during one of your dates? Why not bring it back?

Feel free to fill the floor with your favorite petals of different colors. Let them swirl and fly around with your every motion. A carpet of flower petals adds an idealistic and dreamy nature to every bridal walk. Isn’t it romantic? 

Make the Door the Gateway to a Lifetime of Love

Having your wedding is like entering a new chapter of your life. Upon entering the door of the villa, you also welcome a brand new you. Make sure that the entrance gives that inviting aura. Let the door give you a feeling of warmth and excitement. Let the people feel that they are entering a place full of love and passion – a place to witness an event that binds two people together.

You can have that extra style by placing lovely statement wall decals. Perhaps your favorite bible verse or a romantic quote from your favorite author. Adding flowers to the door frame can further enhance the romantic vibe.

Maximize the Villa’s Exterior to Your Heart’s Content

Go out into the open. Spend the wedding ceremony or take wonderful wedding photos with the bright sun shining down on you. And enjoy the reception with the cold breeze of the night, under the twinkling lights of the sky.

Fill the garden with extra flowers to make it more pleasing to the eyes. Put bouquets on corners or accents on the posts. You can also add more draperies or hanging bulbs here and there to achieve that flowing effect every time they sway with the wind. Wrap the trees with lights so that you’ll have a fantastical sight when nighttime comes.

The ideas are limitless! Choose whatever comes to mind that suits your motif. Let your creativity lead you.

Illuminate with Dangling Lights

Dangling lights not only feel like stars around you, but it also gives off the feeling of strength, warmth, and guidance. So why not use the lights to guide your path?

Hang them high up in the ceiling and make them look like stars over your dance floor. You can also opt to hang them just within your reach for that extra glow around you. Also, putting them low enough can easily be one of the best spots for a wedding photo. You can play with the light colors to fit whatever mood you want.

Create an Amazing Floral Backdrop

Why not pose in front of an exquisitely designed floral backdrop? Flex that newlywed vibe with lovely, blooming flowers behind you. Choose among any of your favorite flowers and have it designed in an artistic pattern to show your personality.

For sure, those pictures will be stunning. Besides, the fragrance of the buds surrounding you as you pose will be a bonus.

Give the Pool a Bit More Love

The pool can provide an extra romance once given attention. Floating lanterns? Rose petals on the surface? Balloons along the side? You name it! Make the pool the center of attraction of the outdoor area. You can also line your tables along the poolside for added scenery during the wedding dinner.

Why not add a little stage with the pool as the backdrop too? Try to play some background songs and have people converse while watching the ripples on the water surface. You can do almost anything, just be extra cautious not to fall off though!

Everyone wants to make their wedding day the most memorable. I mean, who doesn’t? No matter where you plan to have your wedding, creating an ambiance suitable on this important day is surely a worrying thought. These tips will help you generate more ideas to make that getaway villa exceptional for your extra special day. Just don’t forget, the best memories of life are always captured by the heart!

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