Why You Should Have a Micro Wedding

August 28, 2020
Words by Jennifer Stein
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Call it whatever you want – micro wedding, intimate nuptials, small wedding –with less than 50 people, you are about to embark on one of the foundations of the wedding industry.

Sure it’s regained popularity due to Covid-19 and destination weddings becoming increasingly popular, but intimate weddings have been around far longer than you. The reason people are more drawn to small weddings now is practical – the smaller the group, the easier it is to gather and simultaneously social distance while staying within CDC guidelines. Weddings can still be celebrated with just as much pomp and circumstance, just with a smaller group of people. 

One of our contributors and long time marketing partners, Marva Munroe of Chic Bahamas Weddings has been specializing in the micro wedding for many years and she’s got some great insights as to why a micro wedding may be perfect for you.

Think Big & Go Small

“If you opt for a micro wedding, keep in mind that just because your headcount is small, you can still think big as it relates to the overall experience. Some couples will pay for their guest’s lodging and transportation. Others will spring for a top-shelf bar or a gourmet plated dinner. There are plenty of ways to maximize the experience of a micro wedding,” suggests Marva. 

Personalize the Details

“In addition to springing for upgrades that might not be possible with a larger gathering, many couples will also endeavor to create a truly personalized experience for their guests. A handwritten note to each guest is much more doable with a headcount of a few dozen! And personalized favors are more budget-friendly when you’re not talking about hundreds of people.” 

Flexible Spaces

“One benefit of having a micro wedding is that smaller headcounts may allow you to hold the wedding in places that wouldn’t otherwise work – think restaurants, cafes or parks.”

Easier Coordination

“Another bonus is that micro weddings are easier to coordinate! Vendors have adjusted accordingly to this new reality and many offer packages or hourly rates for couples who think small. You may not need a photographer with a second shooter for 8 hours because your shot list shrinks with a smaller crowd – but you still absolutely need a photographer! Many florists can provide beautiful arrangements for weddings that only need a table or two. A local bakery will frequently offer lovely dessert options for couples who don’t need a four-tier wedding cake.” 

Chic Bahamas Weddings and Events is based in the Bahamas and have been planning destination weddings for years. According to Marva, “most destination weddings ARE micro weddings! Because our clients and their guests travel to the Bahamas from all over the world, their wedding parties tend to be on the smaller side. We’re experts at planning and designing weddings with smaller headcounts! And the Bahamas is an absolutely ideal destination for such weddings. Our favorite venues offer gorgeous indoor/outdoor options that are well-ventilated with our famous Bahamas breezes (and those don’t cost extra!). Social distancing is not a problem when you have your wedding on one of our beautiful beaches! And our vendors have always taken sanitary guidelines very seriously – we can ensure that everyone has a stress-free experience on the best day of your life!” 

As of July 1st, 2020 is open for travel with certain Covid-19 restriction such as mandatory masks and other protocols. Make sure to check with the local government to what the most up-to-date restrictions are. And for more about Chic Bahamas Weddings and Events, click HERE.

Photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): Chic Bahamas Weddings (1st); Kiana Grant Photography (2nd); Caroline Lima Photography (3rd, 4th, 5th, 8th & 9th); Lyndah Wells Photography (6th); Hunter Berry Photography (7th)

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