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A Hindu Destination Wedding in Austin


September 13, 2023
Words by Jessie Allen
Photos courtesy of Ivy Weddings

Love doesn’t adhere to geographical constraints. Sathvik Aithala and Smriti Prasad’s love story is a testament to this fact. This dynamic couple, who met in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, celebrated their union with a destination wedding that left everyone in awe. Join us as we delve into the heartwarming details of their story and the magical moments of their wedding day.

A Chance Meeting on Two Wheels

Sathvik and Smriti’s story began in the most unexpected of places – a ‘yoga ride’ in Austin, Texas. Smriti reminisces, “Sathvik and I met on one of these rides during college, organized by a mutual friend, just four weeks before I was to graduate. Sathvik was a cyclist, clueless about yoga, and I was a yogi who rented a bike. This became abundantly clear when we were riding through Austin, and I was at the back of the pack while Sathvik showed off tricks on his bike… and again when he somehow ended up next to me during the yoga class and pulled out a beach towel as his yoga mat because he’d convinced himself they’re the same thing (they’re not). The next week, Sathvik messaged me and asked if I had a yoga mat he could borrow for the next yoga ride… and the rest is history!”

Choosing Austin for Their Destination Wedding

The couple’s decision to have a destination wedding in Austin was deeply rooted in their personal history. Despite both living far from the city at the time, they chose Austin because it was where their love story began. Smriti explains, “Neither of us lived in Austin at the time of our wedding, but because of that yoga ride in college and the subsequent years we spent meeting there, the city meant a lot to us.”

Navigating the Challenges

Planning a wedding from afar is no small feat, especially when you have no friends or family in the destination city. Smriti, a busy internal medicine resident intern, often worked 80-hour weeks, leaving little time for wedding planning. To overcome this hurdle, they enlisted the help of their parents and venue staff right from the start. This collaborative approach kept the wedding preparations on track.

Venues That Tugged at the Heartstrings

The couple’s choice of venues was nothing short of poetic. The Fairmont in Austin served as the enchanting backdrop for their heartfelt ceremony, while the Four Seasons hosted their grand reception. Both venues held sentimental value, with the Four Seasons providing a picturesque lawn overlooking Lady Bird Lake, where they had first biked together seven years earlier.

Personalized Decor and DIY Touches

Smriti and Sathvik were deeply involved in crafting a wedding that was uniquely theirs. Working closely with designer Prashe, they brought their vision to life, incorporating fresh flowers and vibrant colors into the decor. Smriti’s passion for design extended to creating the wedding’s stationery, from the invitations to the wedding schedule and even a personalized wedding logo. Their outfits, including a custom gown designed by the bride herself, were carefully curated to reflect their personalities.

A Rainy Yet Magical Ceremony

Their wedding day wasn’t without its challenges, as rain threatened to disrupt their outdoor ceremony. Smriti recalls the moment: “By ceremony time, it was still raining, so we waited while the guests enjoyed refreshments. We had a live Carnatic sax and tabla player who provided entertainment. Amazingly, around 11 am (2 hours behind schedule), the rain let off slightly, and everyone came together to make our ceremony happen.” 

Blending Traditions

With both Sathvik and Smriti hailing from different Indian states, their wedding ceremony was a beautiful blend of traditions. The day featured rituals and elements from both of their backgrounds, making it a rich tapestry of their love and heritage.

“On the last step of our ceremony, Sathvik is supposed to look out into the crowd and point to the sky, looking for a sacred star (Arundhati) meant to represent our good fortune as a couple. At that moment, the clouds cleared, and the sun came out. It was such a special moment,” the bride recalls. 

Advice for Future Brides and Grooms

Smriti and Sathvik’s journey to their dream destination wedding taught them valuable lessons. They emphasize the importance of effective communication with venue teams, especially when planning from afar. 

With the city of Austin now forever intertwined with their love story, Smriti and Sathvik embarked on their journey as a married couple with cherished memories of a wedding day that was uniquely their own. 

Vendors: Photographer: Ivy Weddings; Wedding Planner: K.I. Weddings; Ceremony Venue: Fairmont Austin; Reception Venue: Four Seasons Hotel Austin; Florist & Stationery: Prashe; Cake: Amy’s Ice Creams; Hair & Makeup: JTorry; Gown Designers: Custom (Sangeet), Tarun Tahiliani (Ceremony), Zara Urmigar (Reception); Groom’s Clothing Designer: Custom; Videographer: Vellora Weddings

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