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Friday, March 22, 2019

A Romeo and Juliet Themed Wedding

Words by Victoria Hill
Photos courtesy of Laura Stramacchia

On top of making the journey for a Barcelona destination wedding, newlyweds Caroline and Stephane wanted to celebrate their big day with a Romeo and Juliet inspired celebration. “We just wanted to get married in Barcelona,” the bride says. “For the weather, the atmosphere and because Barcelona had a special meaning for both my husband and I.”

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Overall, the couple’s guests were very excited about the travel. “A wedding is already a special occasion but when it gives people the opportunity to spend more time together, it makes it even more special,” the couple says. However, they did receive mixed reactions to their children-free rule.

To bring her Romeo and Juliet theme to life, Caroline says she spent hours searching for the perfect venue until she found the abandoned Cuban castle, the Castell Ben Viure. “The only issue is that the castle wasn’t equipped, so we had to bring our own generators for the caterer, the lighting, the music etc.,” the pair says. “We knew it was a risk but it was so worth it. That’s why it is key to work with the best professionals, even if it’s hard to trust strangers at the beginning of the process.”

Overall, the newlyweds enjoyed the planning process but admit that it can be frustrating for those unable to visit the location beforehand. Their wedding planner helped with the process so Caroline and Stephane were fully involved. “I think it was easy and pleasant because our wedding planner was super reactive, involved and connected,” they say. “She would share everything she saw, liked and visited for us, sending photos or videos.”

To help with their theme, the couple got creative and crafted some of their own wedding decor, including some references to the Romeo and Juliet films. “I organized a little workshop for my bridesmaids to create their own flowers crowns, and my mum created ten cross-shaped neon signs using wooden sticks and led wires,” the bride says. “It was a nod to Baz Lurhman’s movie.”

Communicating with vendors was also done easily through the help of their wedding planner and communicating services like Skype and WhatsApp. “The only issue we had was with a vendor who handed us their quote one week before the wedding,” the pair says. “We had to negotiate until the last minute because it was way too expensive but essential for the party.”

Despite some pricy services, Caroline and Stephane believe they spent less money on their destination wedding than if they had it at home. “Barcelona can offer great value for money,” they say. “There were so many details and surprises that our friends believed we spent double the budget.”

Not only did the newlyweds pay less for their destination wedding but they agree that everything would have been entirely different. “We wouldn’t have spent the entire week together if the wedding had taken place near home,” the couple says. “Also, Barcelona’s palm trees did added a lot by creating a magical tropical atmosphere.”

For others planning a destination wedding, the pair recommends planning at least a year ahead and encourage your guests to arrive early to spend time with all of them. “Be demanding and don’t feel bad when saying that something isn’t good enough,” the bride says. “Of course the money will impact your options but don’t forget it is your wedding and it happens only once in your life.”

Vendors: Photographer: Laura Stramacchia, Wedding Planner: Barcelona Brides, Ceremony/Reception Site: Castell de Ben Viure, Florist: Pepe von Strudel, Stationery: Greenenveloppe, Cake: Original Catering, Hair & Makeup: Amour Cheveux Club & Erion Makeup, Gown Designer: Margaux Tardits, Groom’s Clothing Designer: Hackett, Bridesmaids/Groomsmen’s Clothing Designer: Zara & Other Vendor: Alquiler Hosteleria

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