Honeymoon in Epic Australia

Top Beaches in the World

Australia is a big country – it’s the sixth largest, as a matter of fact, with landscape that varies from watery wonderland to arid Outback. To get the most from your honeymoon there, you want to pick a hotel that embraces its locale and offers unique ways to enjoy it. Here are my five favorite…

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Kangaroo Island

Since grade school geography class, Australia has fascinated me: the untrammeled terrain with such disparate, dramatic climate conditions and wildlife (the emu, kangaroo, platypus, koala and anteater) made the forests of suburban Maryland seem positively humdrum in comparison. Fast forward a few decades and I became a travel writer, covering wondrous West Australia. Flying over…

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Australia’s Great Outback

6 p.m. rush hour, any city, engaged couple… Says she: Honey, let’s get away, disconnect and recharge…no cell phones, laptops, deadlines… Says he: Totally agree! Our honeymoon is around the corner. Let’s escape and go into the wild, where no one can find us… And so it begins, the conversation which sets in motion the…

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