Great Exuma Destination Wedding

When it comes to wedding stories, Molly and Arturo’s tale is one for the books. Their journey from a chance meeting at a local bar to a breathtaking destination wedding in Great Exuma, Bahamas is the stuff of fairytales. A Serendipitous Start Molly and Arturo’s love story began in the most unexpected way. They crossed…

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Harbour Island, Bahamas Real Wedding

After three postponements and two venues across two countries Atlanta couple, Maria and Levi, ended up hosting a dreamy destination wedding–despite facing all the struggles of planning a wedding during COVID-19 times.  “Originally, we were supposed to get married in April of 2020 in Alys Beach, Florida (which still would have been a destination wedding).…

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Why You Should Have a Micro Wedding

Call it whatever you want – micro wedding, intimate nuptials, small wedding –with less than 50 people, you are about to embark on one of the foundations of the wedding industry. Sure it’s regained popularity due to Covid-19 and destination weddings becoming increasingly popular, but intimate weddings have been around far longer than you. The…

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Perfectly Imperfect Bahamas Wedding

Stellar Planner

When we asked Jen and Nick why they chose to do a destination wedding in the Bahamas they said, “We don’t consider ourselves to be a traditional couple.” I can certainly relate to that and if you can too, then you’ll want to read on. The couple wanted a tropical/beach setting, which they quickly narrowed…

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Bahamas Destination Wedding

Taylor and Christopher first met in the Bahamas on the 4th of July in 2016. The fireworks between them only continued from that moment on, and the couple tied the knot nearly three years later in the same destination. “We felt it was fitting since the Bahamas holds such a special place in our hearts,…

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A Romantic Wedding in the Bahamas

Beautiful Bahamas

For Michele and Edward, their destination wedding to Exuma, Bahamas was like coming home. The couple had visited the Bahamas every year for vacation, so it only made sense to bring their guests to paradise.  Family and friends were thrilled with the idea and embarked on the journey from New Jersey to enjoy a wedding…

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Imagine Your Bahamas Wedding

Bahamas Champagne Brunch

A destination wedding in the Bahamas is about as idyllic as it gets. Turquoise waters, white sand beaches, Caribbean breezes…what more could a couple ask for? A lot, actually. When it comes to creating the wedding of your dreams, you’re going to need some help. Enter our “Expert in Chief,” Marva Monroe of Chic Bahamas…

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A Stunning Bahamas Real Wedding

The Ideal Venue

It’s not every day someone gets a second chance at love. And as luck would have it, this became the case for Janelle and Warren. Passing each other in the halls at work, they overlooked one another until some friends decided they would take matters into their own hands. “Unbeknownst to us, friends invited us…

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