True Love in Lake Tahoe

A Beautiful Bride

Endless summers spent on Lake Tahoe creating treasured memories with family, inspired Diane to marry the love of her life, Danny, in the breathtaking mountain town. Excited to spend a couple days away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Diane felt a destination wedding was essential in allowing guests to fully enjoy the…

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Life in The Trees in Peru

Life in The Canopy

Life in the canopy of the forest while escaping the rising waters of the Amazon River is the only other way to truly experience the wonders of this vast rainforest.  With 90 percent of all life in the rainforest found in the treetops, you are living in the richest plant and animal habitat on Earth…

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Surf and Turf in Indonesia

Bali From Long Ago

Off the coast of Bali, Indonesia is a small, underdeveloped island called Flores – affectionately known as “The Bali from 20 years ago” because it still has pristine beaches and no traffic or pollution. Here, humanity craves simplicity and the people that make their way to this island are choosing a simpler existence and a…

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