Healthy Habits to do the Month Before Your Wedding

The month leading up to your wedding can often be overwhelming with a multitude of tasks and decisions. Amidst the chaos, it’s crucial to prioritize your well-being and establish healthy habits that will help you feel your best on your special day. From nourishing your body to taking care of your mental and emotional health,…

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5 Tips for Flawless W-Day Skin

From spending more time at the gym to a healthier diet, the New Year is always filled with resolutions to better yourself from the inside out. But what about bettering your skincare routine? Dylan Mustapich, Lead Esthie at Face Haus NYC has the top 5 tips for bettering the look and feel of your skin this…

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Items for W-Day Comfort

Imagine waking up on the day of your destination wedding, looking out over the sea in Greece or at the mountainous vistas in the Rocky Mountains. Take a deep breath, maybe say a prayer and let that feeling sink in. You are getting married today.  Nerves, excitement and all – you’ll need some encouragement and…

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Wedding Ready Lashes & Brows

Lash & Brow Growth Tips

When my grandma is applying her makeup, she says, “I’ve got to put my face on.” As a child, I didn’t get it. “You already have a face, Mawmaw,” I’d say. I get why she says that now. I mean, what lady doesn’t want long, luscious lashes and full, sculpted eyebrows? What if I told…

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Glowing Skin for Your W-Day

Supple Skin

The struggle has been real for me when it comes to the fight for clear skin. “You’ll grow out of it,” they said. “Just use XYZ million dollar product,” they said. After a lifetime of dermatologist visits, Proactive subscriptions, Accutane prescriptions and even elimination diets, my skin just wouldn’t clear up – or at least…

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A Holster For Your Weapons of Beauty

Hot Iron Holster Logo

Ladies and hairdressers alike can empathize with the dilemma of having too little counter space. Sometimes there simply isn’t enough room on our bathroom counters or workstations for all of our makeup, products, and hot styling tools in a safe way. Luckily, there is a solution. The Hot Iron Holster is an attachable heat resistant…

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Smell Pretty With Pinrose


Pinrose, a San Francisco-based luxury fragrance company, has revolutionized the perfume experience from beginning to end. Co-founders Erika Shumate and Christine Luby created the collection of affordable high-end perfumes with all focus on the individual consumer. The company provides customers with a personalized scent profile and user-based recommendations of Pinrose scents using the team’s secret…

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Project Beauty Pardons Your Pretty

At The Candy Shop

“Smell good. Look good. Feel good.” That’s what Project Beauty’s latest line Pardon My Pretty promises of their body scrubs, body sprays and body lotions. Infused with nourishing elements like Arctic vitamins and a super fruit blend, the products are sure to keep skin nurtured and hydrated whether you’re combatting harsh winter winds or sweltering…

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Beauty Brilliance

Ceramide Comfort

Radiant skin is every bride’s dream for her destination wedding. As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and with G.M. Collin’s products, your pictures will be boasting flawless skin and an effortless beauty regime. G.M. Collin Daily Ceramide Comfort – $98.00 Looking for simple comfort that provides replenishing nourishment? G.M. Collin Daily…

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Become A Blushing Bride

Prettyful Blush Papier

Whether you are primping for your big day or simply touching up for a lunch with the girls, it should be simple and convenient to create a flawless look. Mai Tran recognized the need for a stylish product that would ease the process of applying makeup and bring attention to a woman’s natural beauty. Mai Couture…

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