Castle Wedding in New York

Ever wanted to channel your inner Cinderella by marrying your Prince Charming in a large castle with a sparkling white ball gown and crown? Adam and Inem did just that. The couple exchanged New York’s luxurious fast-paced lifestyle for a discreet castle in the countryside to unravel the fairytale wedding of their dreams. “We chose…

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Scotland Castle Wedding Venues

A scouting trip isn’t always possible for couples planning a destination wedding, but it’s certainly preferable. Especially if you’ve never been to your chosen destination! After working at Destination I Do for eight years and dating my fiancé for 12 years, I finally found myself engaged and planning my own wedding away in 2018. There…

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Honeymoon at Ashford Castle


If you’ve ever imagined a romantic honeymoon set in a castle on rolling emerald hills in Ireland, now is the perfect moment to Google, “Ashford Castle.” Fresh off the heels of a $75 million restoration, the storied destination shimmers with romantic possibilities for newlyweds. The property, formerly home to the Guinness family, is now part…

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An Ireland Destination Wedding

Newlyweds Sydney and Christopher chose an Ireland destination wedding because wanted to stray from tradition and have a more unique and memorable experience. “We sat down and discussed if a more ‘traditional’ wedding was even right for us,” says the couple. “The immediate answer was a hard ‘no.’” When the pair first told their family…

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A Scotland Wedding Planner

Can we Make it Legal?

We’ve interviewed hundreds of brides over the years at DID and we have yet to find someone who regrets hiring a wedding professional to assist them in planning their destination wedding. Whether you hire a full-fledged planner, event designer or day-of coordinator, it helps to have someone on the ground to handle the logistics and…

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