Serendipitous Southern Wedding in Charleston

We’ve all seen it in the movies. A person attends a concert, and just when their favorite song comes on, they lock eyes with a beautiful stranger and get swept away. While we may dismiss this cinematic situation as too good to be true, Alexandra and Christopher’s love story begins in a very similar way.…

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Perfectly Pink Charleston Real Wedding

What do you get when you put childhood memories, a love story, and the color pink together? The answer is a dream wedding straight from a fairytale.  Joshua and Jamie fell in love with the charms of Charleston, South Carolina at a young age as each had grown up spending time in the city. However,…

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Urban Style Wedding in Charleston

The city of Charleston, SC is full of cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and relics of the 17th century, but woven in these pieces of the city’s past are memories of Nate and Laura’s blossoming love story. The couple first met in the city of historic treasures where they chose to hold their dream wedding.  Laura…

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Enchanted Charleston LGBTQ Wedding

Stephanie and her partner, Ashley, were vacationing in Charleston when they decided to go to the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens for a tour. The moment they arrived, Stephanie turned to Ashley and said, “This is it. This is the place we are getting married.” The Spanish moss trees in Magnolia Gardens provide a whimsical, natural…

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Cheery Charleston Real Wedding

Cara & Aaron

Cara and Aaron met as undergrads at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania. When the couple got engaged, they concluded that since both of their families would have to travel anyway, a destination wedding made the most sense. They began researching destination weddings and Charleston, South Carolina, kept popping up. “This was a town we had always…

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A Downtown Charleston Wedding

Gadsden House

The bride and groom knew without a doubt they’d get married in Charleston. That’s where Ashley lived when she met Brian, also most of their family and friends live within driving distance from the city. The pair not only made many memories dating and getting to know each other there, but they also got engaged…

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A Gorgeous Charleston Wedding

Extra Time

Ashley and Dave wanted to have a destination wedding in a city that their guests would love to travel to and experience. The couple chose gorgeous Charleston, South Carolina, for their wedding away. The couple made their family and friends’ experience a priority and it paid off. Their wedding guests were “very excited to travel…

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A Charleston Destination Wedding

Greg and Lindsay didn’t want to have “just another wedding,” so they started exploring the idea of having a destination wedding. At first they wanted to have their big day at an all-inclusive resort, but quickly decided that it wouldn’t be the right choice. After Greg and Lindsay imagined themselves having a wedding in the…

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Plantation Destination Wedding

Barn-Style Wedding

Brian, who’s from Chicago, and Courtney, who’s from New York, knew that they wanted to say “I do” in a warm location, something you don’t get in either of their hometown cities during early March. They also wanted to have a location that was easy to get to for all of their guests, so they…

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Destination Wedding in Charleston

The Groom

Michael and Olivia love Charleston, South Carolina. It’s not only one of their favorite cities, but the couple also owns a second home on Daniel Island. So, when the couple got engaged, they decided to have a South Carolina destination wedding where they could bring all of their friends and family together in what they…

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