Everything You Need to Know About Cruise Weddings

When it comes to planning the perfect wedding, couples often seek unique and memorable experiences that reflect their personalities and love story. One such extraordinary option gaining popularity is the cruise wedding. Combining the joy of a wedding ceremony with the adventure of a cruise vacation, a cruise wedding offers a distinctive and picturesque backdrop…

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Get Married on the Water with Celebrity Beyond

Set Sail and Say “I Do!” The ultimate destination wedding locale is not just BY the ocean, but ON the ocean. Most couples are looking for a seaside location, but have you ever considered setting sail for your wedding away? Cruise weddings often times drum up ideas of mediocre food, long lines and extremely touristy…

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Cruising for a Destination Wedding

Welcome Pineapples

Cruise the ocean blue, and on your vessel, say “I do.” It sounds like a fairy tale, but destination cruise weddings are actually more attainable than you’d think. In fact, our real wedding couple, Tori and Anthony, took to the seas for their nuptials and found the planning process much easier than anticipated. The cherry…

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Cruise Wedding Inspiration

Midnight Blue Perfection

Today’s Destination: Cruise Weddings post is all about inspiration! Via this week’s earlier posts, hopefully we’ve provided you with the knowledge and insight you needed to firmly decide on hosting a destination cruise wedding. Now, we’re hoping to inspire you to make it the wedding of your dreams! We’re sharing a gorgeous photo shoot that…

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An Alaskan All-Inclusive Wedding

Sharing The Moment

Ryan and Natasha decided to elope on a seven-day cruise to Alaska after they realized they wanted their most cherished words ever to be spoken to be just between them. When the newlyweds began to plan their wedding they thought they wanted a big wedding in South Florida, home to both of them. After they…

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Consider a Bachelorette Party Cruise!

Entertainment is Free

When planning for the big wedding day…we all know first comes the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Often labeled “last hoorahs” or a final sendoff before single life is over, these long weekend trips are must-dos and must-do-really-well for friends of the bride and groom. That’s why we think cruises are a great bachelorette and bachelor…

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Caribbean Cruise Wedding

Wedding Party

Graham and Holly wanted nothing more out of their wedding but to have a lot of fun in a beautiful place. Living in Florida, they made the decision to have a destination wedding in the Bahamas via a cruise. The couple worried guests would not be on board with the idea, but their family and…

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Cruise Wedding Advice and Resources

Cruise Lines

It’s day two of our Destination: Cruise Wedding’s week and today is all about helpful resources and tips for planning your wedding away at sea! We’re sharing past articles our team has put together reviewing various cruise lines in destinations all over the world. The wonderful folks over at Cruise Critic are also pitching-in by…

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10 Reasons to Host a Cruise Wedding

Short and Sweet

It’s day one of our Destination: Cruise Weddings week as part of our ongoing Destination: X series! All this week we’ll be bringing you tips and resources from the cruise industry, beautiful real weddings and inspiration for hosting your own wedding at sea! Today, the folks over at CruiseCompete.com are sharing 10 Reasons a Destination…

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Host A Cruise Destination Wedding

Easy Wedding Packages

Saying “I do” on the high seas has never been easier or more romantic. Princess Cruises, the original “Love Boat” broke ground in 1998 with the first wedding ceremony at sea conducted by the ship’s captain. When we spoke with the captain of the Caribbean Princess, Marco Fortezze, he told us officiating a cruise destination…

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