Unique Ways to Source for a Destination Wedding

One of the challenges of a wedding away from home is finding the right vendors and design elements to create the perfect celebration. While traditional methods are reliable, thinking outside the box can lead to discovering extraordinary options to make your destination wedding truly unforgettable. Photo by Dana Cubbage Weddings Start at Home “Using your…

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A Destination Wedding Timeline

Planning a destination wedding can be chaotic at times. Use this expert-approved timeline the month before your destination wedding to help keep you organized and stress-free. 4 weeks before: “Have your final gown fitting! Make sure to bring your shoes and accessories with you, so you can make sure the entire look is perfect before…

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7 Planning Problems To Note

Navigating the challenges of planning a destination wedding are varied and vast. We’ve asked the experts at Aisle Planner to help weigh in on some of the most common issues that arise when planning a wedding away and how to be best prepared. It should be no surprise when you first begin to plan your wedding that many loved…

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How to Avoid Vendor Fraud

avoid vendor fraud

From the moment your fiance proposes, life sweeps up into a whirlwind of wedding preparations and exciting milestones. From choosing the perfect wedding cake flavor to saying yes to the dress, wedding planning should be filled with smiles and happy tears — not stress and anxiety.  Unfortunately, there are scammers out there in the wedding industry…

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Destination I Do’s Podcast

Season 1 of Destination I Do’s Podcast is finally here! To be honest, we knew we wanted to start a podcast around destination weddings for a long while, but the timing just wasn’t quite right… until now. We are overjoyed to share just a few of the great topics and advice in a convenient and fun way.…

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A Planner’s Real Costa Rica Wedding

Costarican Culture

As a destination wedding planner since 2008, today’s bride, Susan, had done numerous weddings with different celebrations, styles, color palettes. She knew that when her time came, she wanted to do something very different. In Costa Rican culture the focus is on good food, good drinks, lots of dancing and music. And, of course, laughs…

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Co-Hosting The Wedding Biz Podcast

Our very own, Jennifer Stein, Editor-In-Chief and Co-Founder of Destination I Do Magazine joined The Wedding Biz podcast with Andy Kushner. Having started her own business and traveled around the world for the magazine, Jennifer shares invaluable pieces of advice for aspiring women entrepreneurs and the destination wedding industry alike. Andy and Jennifer also revisit…

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Tips on How to Propose

How to Propose

So, you’ve found the one? Congratulations! Deciding you’re ready to pop the question is a big step, but it’s just the first in a series of tough decisions. If all goes to plan, you will only propose and get engaged once, so you want to do it right! We’ve asked two industry experts to weigh-in…

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5 Ways to Alleviate Wedding Stress

3. Don’t worry

Where the sun meets the sea is where you will find us! Here at Couture Events, we love the idea of destination weddings that can just be enjoyed and soaked up. It doesn’t matter if you are getting married in Cabo or Lake Como, we have seen our fair share of stressed out brides and grooms and we…

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5 Ways to Strengthen Your Bond!

Make An Effort With Your Appearance

5 Ways Happy Couples Make Relationship Work Look Effortless From annoying pet peeves to anger fueled arguments, anyone who has been in a relationship past the honeymoon phase knows that staying in love takes work. But there’s always that one couple who makes it all look so easy. How do they do it? Don’t be…

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