Reasons to Buy Wedding Insurance

The average couple spends as much on their wedding as they would on a new car. And much like cars, weddings come with all sorts of risks – intoxicated guests who get into accidents, major weather events that force cancellations, reception halls that go out of business weeks before the event, wildfires that destroy venues,…

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Honeymoon Travel Insurance: 5 Facts

It Can Cover You Because of Work

A honeymoon celebrates marriage and the beginning of a new life; for a newlywed couple, it represents the beginning of a lifelong adventure together. And a honeymoon to the islands isn’t just romantic, it’s can also be expensive. According to TripSavvy – Wedding Statistics and Honeymoon Facts & Figures, couples spend an average of $4,500…

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Protecting Your Celebration

Protect the Investment

A lot of thought and planning goes into booking a honeymoon or destination wedding and considering the often hefty price tag, it’s important for couples to protect their investment. But how? Purchasing trip insurance can cover unforeseen issues that occur often while traveling, from lost luggage and cancelled flights, to weather disasters and medical treatments. is…

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