Dorchester Collection

Dining At Hotel Eden

If you wish to plan your wedding around cuisine, The Dorchester Collection hotels offer luxurious amenities and award-winning chefs who are incorporating the hottest food trends into your stay. They share suggestions on what types of trending chow to try.  Hotel Bel-Air: setting in the woods of the famous gates of Bel-Air, home to the…

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Opt for a London Destination Wedding

Every city has a unique vibe and London offers a very complex and interesting one. As you meander through the streets, you can’t help but recognize that this modern metropolis is built on a foundation of rich history including coronations and royal weddings. Stunning architecture, palaces, parks, monuments and cathedrals are all yours to experience…

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Hotel Bel-Air & Beverly Hills Hotel

Hotel Bel-Air

Special hotels are stepping up to make the experience for destination wedding and honeymoon couples that much more spectacular. Through the end of 2013, both the Hotel Bel-Air and The Beverly Hills Hotel are offering thematic packages for guests. Valid at either property, the packages come with “spend credits” which allow guests to experience both…

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