Unveiling the Art of Elopement Photography

Capturing the essence of love in breathtaking settings, elopement photography has become a cherished art form. For couples seeking a unique and intimate way to say “I do” away from home, the expertise of elopement photographers is invaluable. We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jeff Hall and Bre Jane, two accomplished elopement photographers…

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A Fantastic France Photoshoot

Like many weddings, there is always one thing that could change up the timeline or cause minor delays. This styled elopement, although months of planning in advance, had nothing but issues. However, it did not stop us from putting this together. If anything, we wanted to showcase that, with the right vendor team, you can…

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Romance in Rome: An Elopement Story

A love of adventure and exploring new places together led Katie and Gino to choose a destination elopement for their “I do’s.” With their heart set on an intimate celebration, the couple decided no other destination could better serve their purpose than The Eternal City. “One reason why we chose Rome, Italy is because of Gino’s…

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Destination Elopement Checklist


Planning a destination elopement? We’ve got you covered! Consider this your ultimate checklist for what to bring with you! Destination elopements combine all the best, most magical and most exciting elements of weddings and of holidays – all in one awesome day! With that in mind, your packing list for your destination elopement will be…

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An Astounding Iceland Elopement

When you think of Iceland, what comes to mind? Vikings, volcanoes and geysers – oh my? It’s likely that weddings didn’t cross your mind, but it did for Iceland fanatics Jennifer and Jordan. And when they began mapping out their dream wedding and realized what they truly wanted was to enjoy every moment of their…

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The Art of Eloping

Tips On How To Navigate Having An Intimate Wedding Sometimes the thought of a large guest list or just the normal pressures of well-meaning relatives and friends become too much to bear and the entire focal point of the union – the couple – gets lost. Eloping is the epitome of romance, it removes all external…

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5 Destination Elopement Planning Tips

Maybe you’ve been toiling with the idea of eloping abroad, or perhaps you’re already on the road to planning your intimate “I do’s.” Either way, a little expert advice could never hurt! We spoke with veteran destination wedding photographer, Lisette Gatliff of Lisette OC Photography, who has helped numerous couples plan and capture their special…

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Sweet Santorini Real Elopement


Admittedly, choosing to have a destination wedding away from family and friends was a very difficult decision for Gabriel and Ashley to make.  “We are so deeply rooted in our families and have a wonderful network of friends who support us, so leaving them to travel halfway across the world take our vows was difficult…

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An Italy Destination Wedding

Overlooking The Seaside

Brit and Shaun decided to stray from the average wedding and secretly elope for an Italy destination wedding in the seaside city of Positano. “The plan was to not tell anyone until we got back,” says the bride. “But Shaun felt he needed to tell his mum, so we told both our parents about two…

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A Dream Maui Elopement

Bathed in Luxury

Chloe and Carlos are fortunate to have large families spread around the globe. When it came to planning a wedding, however, having loved ones from Colombia to Canada proved problematic. “We struggled to find a location that both our families would be able to travel to easily,” explains the bride. “His family is in Colombia…

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