Tips To Shorten Your Guest List

Under normal circumstances, planning can be tricky and planning a destination wedding during a global pandemic can be downright anxiety-inducing. So, we pulled together sage advice from some of the wedding industry’s finest to help you navigate yourself down the aisle with ease.  How To Trim Down Your Guest List: Start with the cost. “Write…

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Etiquette: Guest Guidelines

Attending a wedding today comes with a new set of etiquette rules. From social media and technology emerging as part of any special event (selfies and GoPro’s oh, my!), to ditching old traditions like how long you have to send a gift, guests have their own list of social graces to obey. Here is a…

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Expert Tips: Avoid Bridal Blunders

Keep the Peace

Getting everything you want and people to agree on your wishes can create stress and anxiety for any bride. Between the dress, the location, rehearsal dinners, the bachelorette party, guest lists, the joining of both families, and the expenses, it can quickly become overwhelming.  What if you could truly simplify (gasp!) the planning process by…

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