Destination Wedding in Guatemala

Set in the Guatemalan Highlands on the shores of Lake Atitlan, Casa Palopó started as a vacation home and still feels that way, dressed with vibrant colors, handcrafted wooden furniture and an eclectic array of Latin American art. In fact, the art was one of the things that sealed the deal for owner Claudia Bosch…

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Romantic Wedding Retreats

Unique Experience

Looking to have a honeymoon or host a destination wedding that offers high-quality accommodations and allows you to be in touch with your surroundings? Then say no more! Collective Retreats is the company that can give you exactly what you’re looking for. With five different locations across the country, you are bound to pick one that is…

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Top Ten Reasons to Have A Destination Wedding

1. The Combo Burrito – Having a destination wedding can combine a family reunion, romantic travel and your big event all in one, which makes it something special for everyone involved. Weddings away allow for all your guests to benefit from your decision. 2. Keep the Guest List to a Dull Roar – Inviting every…

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