An Astounding Iceland Elopement

When you think of Iceland, what comes to mind? Vikings, volcanoes and geysers – oh my? It’s likely that weddings didn’t cross your mind, but it did for Iceland fanatics Jennifer and Jordan. And when they began mapping out their dream wedding and realized what they truly wanted was to enjoy every moment of their…

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A Captivating Wedding in Iceland

Amira and Luke originally wanted to elope in Iceland, but, after their family encouraged the idea of a destination wedding, the two knew that’s what they wanted to do. The couple insisted on having an epic wedding, preferably somewhere colder, so Iceland seemed to be the perfect fit. “I looked at various photos from around…

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Intimate Icelandic Nuptials


When we interviewed Avery and Davey about their destination wedding to Húsafell, Iceland, all of their answers were pretty straightforward. But, isn’t that the point? While hosting a lovely, drama-free destination wedding was the couple’s dream, it doesn’t make for juicy gossip. Their reasoning for opting for a wedding away is the ideal example. “I…

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