My Big Fat Charleston Wedding Shoot

Step into the realm of timeless beauty as we take you on a journey to Charleston, a city renowned for its captivating allure and rich history. Nestled within this historic gem, a styled wedding shoot awaits, showcasing the fusion of Greek inspirations and the southern charm of Charleston. Jacqueline Clark, the shoot’s photographer, gives us…

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Swanky Style in Sea Island, Georgia

Pros & Cons

A healthy marriage is a matter of compromise and communication. Thankfully, planning a wedding is much the same and will prepare you for the road ahead. When it comes to deciding on a destination for your wedding away, there are lots of factors to take into account. You could drive to the nearest big city…

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Wedding Tips to Save Time and Money


Weddings are fun and should be the most memorable day in your life. However, more often than not couples don’t anticipate how much work goes into planning their dream wedding, especially for those couples on a limited budget and who have stepped into the shoes of wedding planner for the first time.  Here are three…

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