Stately Scotland Castle Wedding

groom helps bride up hill in scottland

Newlyweds, Kara and Nathan, dreamed of a small and intimate destination wedding. When deciding on a location, the couple wanted to choose a place that felt “outside of the box” and unique. While a tropical island wedding sounded appealing, it couldn’t quite compare to the lush mountain forests of Scotland. Plus, a castle in the…

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Scotland Real Destination Wedding

Michael grew up in a small Scottish town unknowing that the love of his life, Amanda, was thousands of miles away. That same love that brought them together shrank the oceans between their lives when they chose to wed in the town where Michael once lived as a young boy; Eyemouth, Scotland.  The couple debated…

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Marry Here – Scotland

Scotland’s Castle Country & Beyond “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” These are the infamous words of the wilding character Ygritte from the popular fantasy series, “Game of Thrones.” In a romantic twist, Rose Leslie and Kit Harington, who play Ygritte and Jon Snow respectively, got married in Scotland in 2018. As it turns out, Jon…

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An Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift

Highland Titles

Whether you’re getting married or you’re a guest looking to attend a Scotland-based or Scottish heritage wedding, you may be searching for the perfect gift that is both fun and meaningful for the big day. If that’s the case, you might consider gifting a plot of land from Highland Titles. Highland Titles offers the unique opportunity to…

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Scotland Destination Wedding

Officially Wed

Alastair and Kathrine had been together for five years and got engaged on their six-year anniversary. The couple goes on holiday in the Scottish Highlands every year and, with Alastair’s family having a long Scottish heritage, a destination wedding in Scotland was the perfect way for the couple to to say “I do.” After deciding…

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