Navigating RSVPs, Menus and More

Adventures in Etiquette Everything from overlooked RSVP deadlines and travel logistics to menu planning and plus ones is covered in this issue’s Adventures in Etiquette. Below we unpack how to navigate these sometimes treacherous situations and make it down the aisle unscathed and a little bit wiser. Q: My RSVP deadline has come and gone and…

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Making Changes to Wedding Stationery

If COVID-19 has you worried about how to adjust all of the elements of your destination wedding planning, you are in good company. That’s why we have been doing a series of posts addressing how to deal with different issues around having to change your plans. This blog post is all about what to do…

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Custom Wedding Stationery

More than Stationery

When it comes to planning destination weddings, the first step is the announcement. There are so many special keepsakes that come with weddings and stationery is a must. Of course, all couples want their own style to shine through, but how do you distinguish yours from the pack? Look into Pickett’s Press. Pickett’s Press is…

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