Modern Marvel in Cancun

Mexico’s coastlines offer an array of options these days. From modern-luxe properties to quaint haciendas, the friendliness of the locals and the outstanding food beg for this destination to make it to the top of your wedding or honeymoon list.  The hard decision is narrowing down where to stay in this sprawling country. One of…

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Luxury Travel Essentials

Luxury Compression Socks

While packing for your destination wedding or honeymoon don’t forget to pack the essentials to help you travel in comfort. Masters of Mayfair, a British luxury travel accessory brand, offers a variety of products to enhance your overall travel experience. According to Masters of Mayfair, the founders Jamie and Katie formed the brand over their…

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Travel Friendly, DEET Free Repellent

Truly Effective

It’s important that your destination wedding or honeymoon is as enjoyable for you and your guests as possible. Tropical destinations offer stunning views and lifelong memories, but they can also offer a plethora of insects and itchy bug bites!  Passports, dresses and shoes may be among the top priority items on your packing list, but no…

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Honeymoon Travel Insurance Tips

Travel Insurance

When planning your dream honeymoon, travel insurance is one item that cannot be ignored. Exotic locales and memory-making activities all come with inherent risks, from flight delays due to extreme weather to the risk of injury from activities including reef snorkeling or zipline adventures. With a little online research and comparison shopping, adding travel insurance…

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A Must-Have Travel Jacket

Sleek Fit

Traveling for your destination wedding and honeymoon are both exciting and stressful times, especially when trying to make sure you have all your travel essentials within arm’s length. The BauBax Travel Bomber Jacket, which features fifteen built-in travel essentials, frees up your hands and makes organization for your trip a breeze. DID’s editor in chief…

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Destination Wedding in St. Barths

Lush tropical landscapes, luxurious amenities, lavish, but cozy cottages, large private verandas surrounded by gardens, ocean views from almost every vantage point. These are just a few of the amazing features you’ll find at Le Guanahani on the French Caribbean island of St. Barths. Situated on top of a peninsula nestled between Marigot Bay and…

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Honeymoon Travel Guide

Sight See

Planning your honeymoon can be a difficult task and finding activities to do in your chosen destination can be even harder. But, we are in luck as Lonely Planet has created their first honeymoon travel guide to help couples take full advantage of their trip away. Lonely Planet is a worldwide trusted guidebook publisher who…

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A New Essential Travel App

Get Alerts

Tired of hearing about amazing discounted airfare deals once they’ve passed? Well now, thanks to DealRay, you won’t have to. Introducing a new updated version of the traveling app for the iPhone, DealRay allows its users to get instant text messaging alerts and push notifications for the best deals on flights based on their location.…

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Travel Essential: Portable Charger

A Lifestyle

Want to stay constantly connected even on your destination wedding or honeymoon, but don’t want to carry those 5-foot long laptop chargers? Now, because of Dart, you don’t have to! Dart is the world’s smallest laptop charger, letting you carry it anywhere you and your lovebird go! Four times smaller than a traditional charger, 2.75…

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Five Perfect Honeymoon Tips

On the Bridge

Headed on a honeymoon? Make the most of your romantic getaway with these five easy tips from Emily Bernard, co-founder and chief brand officer of Whether you’re headed to Paris or Playa del Carmen, these simple suggestions will leave you feeling like a VIP and bring out the ultimate in honeymoon bliss. 1. Share…

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