5 Travel Must Haves

With 20 years of travel writing under our belt, we’ve learned a thing or two about getting to and from a destination wedding with ease. There have been plenty of products that didn’t make the cut (and that’s why you won’t read about them on our site!) and a handful that did. Below are some…

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Travel Essential: Portable Charger

A Lifestyle

Want to stay constantly connected even on your destination wedding or honeymoon, but don’t want to carry those 5-foot long laptop chargers? Now, because of Dart, you don’t have to! Dart is the world’s smallest laptop charger, letting you carry it anywhere you and your lovebird go! Four times smaller than a traditional charger, 2.75…

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Save Memories with Picture Keeper

How It Works

Weddings and honeymoons are full of candid, picture-worthy moments. Something that can easily ruin capturing the memories is the abrupt alert that your phone is out of storage and can’t take the photo until your memory is backed up. The only thing worse than a phone saying it doesn’t have enough storage in that scenario…

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Save Stress With Skipper

Skipper At Your Service

Little bits of old, a lot of new, nothing borrowed with a splash of blue: all of these elements describe Skipper, the hotel group booking service formerly known as Jetaport before undergoing a company rebrand earlier this year. Skipper – still maintaining Jetaport’s mission – sets out to “redefine the way people book group travel”…

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Help Your Baby Fly in Style

A Handy Hammock

If you’ve opted for a destination wedding or an exotic honeymoon, odds are you’ve got quite a bit of experience in the travel department. Frequent travelers will no doubt indulge their wandering spirit even after bringing a baby into the equation. If that’s the case, your travel routine will shift to accommodate this little one.…

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Peace-Inducing Headphones

Walker Junior Headphones

As a frequent traveler, I can speak to the drama of trying to get some shut-eye on a long flight to some dreamy destination – only to be kept awake by the fussy baby two rows behind you or the bustling flight attendants. Thankfully, I-MEGO offers effective, affordable noise-cancelling headphones for those of us who…

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