Say “I Do” to Travel Insurance

More frequent flight cancelations, like what recently happened with Southwest Airlines, and volatile weather have the potential to ruin weddings and honeymoons, making travel insurance a smart purchase for those planning destination weddings and their guests. This is of particular concern considering weddings are back, with industry research suggesting the number of weddings scheduled for the…

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Travel Insurance 101

Destination Weddings & Honeymoon Before-You-Go Tips Once you decided to host a destination wedding or go abroad for your honeymoon, you probably started researching. You might have known where you wanted to go or had no idea which places were most popular for weddings. While you plan your trip, you’ll think about things like which…

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Honeymoon Travel Insurance Tips

Travel Insurance

When planning your dream honeymoon, travel insurance is one item that cannot be ignored. Exotic locales and memory-making activities all come with inherent risks, from flight delays due to extreme weather to the risk of injury from activities including reef snorkeling or zipline adventures. With a little online research and comparison shopping, adding travel insurance…

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Legally Protect Your Wedding Plans

Legally Protect Your Wedding

From the day you got engaged, you and your fiancée have envisioned the picture-perfect destination wedding: a week at a tropical resort, strolling barefoot on a sun-soaked beach and celebrating with close family and friends. It’s the stuff that fairy tales are made of. But what happens if your plans for an idyllic destination wedding…

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Honeymoon Travel Insurance: 5 Facts

It Can Cover You Because of Work

A honeymoon celebrates marriage and the beginning of a new life; for a newlywed couple, it represents the beginning of a lifelong adventure together. And a honeymoon to the islands isn’t just romantic, it’s can also be expensive. According to TripSavvy – Wedding Statistics and Honeymoon Facts & Figures, couples spend an average of $4,500…

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Protecting Your Celebration

Protect the Investment

A lot of thought and planning goes into booking a honeymoon or destination wedding and considering the often hefty price tag, it’s important for couples to protect their investment. But how? Purchasing trip insurance can cover unforeseen issues that occur often while traveling, from lost luggage and cancelled flights, to weather disasters and medical treatments. is…

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Protect Your Honeymoon

A destination wedding is considered a big financial investment, but so is your honeymoon. The pros over at Protect Your Bubble, an insurance company which specializes in protection plans, have offered up ten tips to help you protect your honeymoon and ensure it’s the trip of a lifetime: Create – and stick to – a…

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