A Drug-free Way to Prevent Nausea

If there is anyone that knows how much nausea can absolutely ruin a good time, it’s me. Most times I take a Dramamine and hope it kicks in quickly, but that doesn’t always do the trick, especially when I’m in a car. If you are anything like me and get nauseous easily, chances are you’ve…

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Clean & Innovative Wedding Skincare

With so many ways to care for your skin pre-wedding, it’s hard to know what is going to fit your needs best without doing some research. In this skincare product roundup, we have done the legwork for you, testing each item and identifying the best ways to incorporate them into your self-care before, during and…

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Wedding Travel Essentials

From waking up at four a.m. to take a taxi to the airport to trying desperately to block out the cries of a cute, yet utterly loud baby – travel can bring some stress with it. You’ve had enough stress planning for your wedding away and making sure everyone arrives safely, so here are some…

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5 Travel Must-Haves

All-In-One Towel/Blanket/Scarf

At Destination I Do, we take travel pretty seriously. We regularly globe trot to the far-flung places you read about, so finding the best tools to get there unscathed is part of our mission. Below are some tried-and-true products that were sent to us as samples for our review. We’ve used each of these and…

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Get Great Jet Set Hair

Body and Shine

Quality travel-size beauty products are hard to find, so we’re always thrilled when another high-end brand comes along with special travel-sized products! Philip Kingsley recently launched their “Jet Sets” which are not only travel-friendly, but cater to all hair types. The sets come in their own travel bag and contain a Philip Kingsley shampoo, conditioner…

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