Project Beauty Pardons Your Pretty

At The Candy Shop

“Smell good. Look good. Feel good.” That’s what Project Beauty’s latest line Pardon My Pretty promises of their body scrubs, body sprays and body lotions. Infused with nourishing elements like Arctic vitamins and a super fruit blend, the products are sure to keep skin nurtured and hydrated whether you’re combatting harsh winter winds or sweltering…

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10 Tips For The Perfect Ring

Timeless Style

When shopping for an engagement ring, there can be a lot to remember. It’s important to do your research, decide what you are comfortable spending, and to not be persuaded by a pushy sales associate to settle for a ring that you’re less than thrilled about. Here are Ritani’s top 10 tips for finding your…

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Get Great Jet Set Hair

Body and Shine

Quality travel-size beauty products are hard to find, so we’re always thrilled when another high-end brand comes along with special travel-sized products! Philip Kingsley recently launched their “Jet Sets” which are not only travel-friendly, but cater to all hair types. The sets come in their own travel bag and contain a Philip Kingsley shampoo, conditioner…

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