Get Radiant Skin Before the Wedding

Taking care of your skin before your wedding day can feel like guessing work. And, let’s be honest, you have enough on your plate as it is! So let us make it easy for you, go with skincare grounded in science. Codex Beauty is a biotech company dedicated to supporting the skin’s microbiome. Their process…

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Get Bold Brows and Lashes for W-Day

Before & After B

Every couple wants to look their absolute best for their destination wedding and your eyebrows and eyelashes play a pivotal role! If you’re going to have a professional makeup artist on your wedding day, odds are they can add false lashes and fill-in troublesome brows. But, there’s a way to make their job easier or…

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Tips to Perfect Your Smile

Some couples spend months physically preparing for their destination wedding and/or honeymoon. Be it hitting the gym to shred those last few pounds or trying out new beauty solutions for flawless skin come W-Day, it’s important you feel confident as you walk down the aisle. One area that can’t be ignored is your smile. Dr.…

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Is Your Skin Ready for its Close-Up?

The Beverly Hills Treatment

Esthetician to the stars, Gina Marí, is sharing her techniques for flawless, wedding-ready skin. Whether you opt to visit a technician’s office, like Marí’s Beverly Hills location, for the Cadillac of skincare services, or work on your skin at home – she has the tricks and techniques necessary for ensuring you have flawless, luminous skin…

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