Achieve White Wedding Teeth

Stain Preventative

Everyone wants sparkling white teeth to show off on their wedding day. But often whitening programs are not only expensive but not effective. Plus, I’ve always had an issue with my enamel being broken down and my teeth actually hurting after using whitening products. So, before trying HaloSmile, I was honestly skeptical. I immediately loved the…

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Healthy Nail Polish For Your W-Day

Let me start by saying, doing my own nails typically ends up a disaster. It always seems that about 10 minutes after slaving over them, I accidentally hit a nail on some object (often another nail) and we are back to square one. (It probably doesn’t help that I have some strong perfectionistic tendencies.) Okay…

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W-Day Hair: Go for the Gold!

Pro Styling Brushes

Whether it’s balmy sea breezes or subtropical humidity, you’re going to want to keep your hair in tip-top shape during your honeymoon or destination wedding. Thankfully, the experts over at Bio Ionic® Professional Haircare Systems recently introduced their GoldPro Collection. Infused with a 24K gold ceramic mineral complex, these products provide even heat distribution while…

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Tips to Perfect Your Smile

Some couples spend months physically preparing for their destination wedding and/or honeymoon. Be it hitting the gym to shred those last few pounds or trying out new beauty solutions for flawless skin come W-Day, it’s important you feel confident as you walk down the aisle. One area that can’t be ignored is your smile. Dr.…

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Become A Blushing Bride

Prettyful Blush Papier

Whether you are primping for your big day or simply touching up for a lunch with the girls, it should be simple and convenient to create a flawless look. Mai Tran recognized the need for a stylish product that would ease the process of applying makeup and bring attention to a woman’s natural beauty. Mai Couture…

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