Bridal Shower Gift Guide

Uh oh – you are attending a bridal shower that has no registry?! Now, you’re faced with finding the perfect gift that communicates your excitement about her wedding and how much you adore her without breaking the bank. First of all, we don’t envy you, gift-giving is no easy task. Second of all, we are…

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Meal Prep Wedding Registry Gift

Meal Packs

If you are looking for a unique registry gift idea to give, why not give the newlyweds lunch and dinner for a month? This idea, while it might be different, is actually genius. Most registry gifts are given to couples after their wedding, but with this idea by Veestro, they are able to receive a…

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Destination Wedding Gift Etiquette

1. I’ve been to a handful of destination weddings and some couples registered and some didn’t. Now that I’m planning my own destination wedding, is it appropriate for us to create a traditional gift registry? A traditional gift registry is perfectly acceptable for destination weddings, as well as traditional weddings. It can be a helpful…

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Gift Guide for The Bride Part I

Beachscape Jennifer Aniston

Most people find themselves reaching for the computer when it comes to shopping these days, especially when it comes to weddings. With so many couples opting to celebrate with a destination wedding, online registries are even more popular. But finding quality products and trustworthy sites isn’t always easy. We’ve been able to try a number…

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