DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Box

row of three candy boxes with will you be my

So they proposed, you said “yes” and maybe you’ve even started working on planning your wedding – it’s officially your turn to propose… well, to your bridesmaids that is! In recent times, especially during COVID, it has become a trend to send gifts to your bride tribe as a way of asking them to be…

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Wedding Album To Last Forever

It’s been over a year since I married my best friend in Austin, Texas on a cool November day. To commemorate that wonderful day, I had a few photos printed, framed and hung in our home. But, to be honest, I procrastinated on ordering an album book because I just wasn’t sure it would be…

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Bridal Wedding Essentials Gift

Wedding Products

If you just got engaged or know someone who is, then you need to check out this bridal subscription box from Something New Bridal Box packed full of items specifically for a bride-to-be! From apparel to décor to basically anything else a bride could want or need, you’ll be sure to love this wedding gift,…

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Charitable Wedding Gift Idea

Gifting Ideas

As part of the wedding planning process, couples open up a registry that allows friends and family to choose exactly what the couple both needs and wants. But, have you heard of a registry for giving back, instead of receiving? Well, with Tendr, a company that combines online cash transfers with cards, they have started…

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Gift an Experience of a Lifetime


On top of saying “I do,” most couples also give a gift to each other come W-day. This can be an added stresser and something some men forget about. So, don’t be afraid to drop a subtle hint or ask someone else to remind him if this is something which is important to you. Rather…

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Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas

Rings of Love Canvas

Whether you’re in the final stages of planning your own destination wedding or are going to be attending a friend’s wedding in the near future, odds are you are shopping for gifts. As a guest, it’s perfectly OK (and often encouraged) to buy off of a couple’s registry, but not all destination wedding couples register.…

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Gift Idea: Customized Watches

When thinking of a wedding gift for your bridesmaids, groomsmen or significant other, it can be tough to come up with an idea that is both original and practical. These days, weddings are all about customization…taking everyday details and putting a personal spin on them to showcase your own, unique style. Thankfully, we’ve found a…

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Destination-Inspired Fragrances

Dominican Republic

Nateeva is an exotic fragrance brand that is designed to let your senses travel to the places you’ve visited – or want to visit. These destination-inspired fragrances are perfect for brides who got married in one of the many locations named on Nateeva’s fragrances or perfect for brides wanting to remember their honeymoon destinations. These…

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Meal Prep Wedding Registry Gift

Meal Packs

If you are looking for a unique registry gift idea to give, why not give the newlyweds lunch and dinner for a month? This idea, while it might be different, is actually genius. Most registry gifts are given to couples after their wedding, but with this idea by Veestro, they are able to receive a…

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Yankee Candle Gift Ideas

Sugared Pumpkin Swirl

Everybody has heard of Yankee Candle — the candles that can light up any room with a fragrance that cannot be beat.  These candles could be the perfect wedding gift for any couple. What better? They can be customized to take the gift to the next level. Take a look at some Yankee Candle wedding…

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