Tips for Black Brides’ to Achieve Dream Wedding Day Hair

As a Black bride with textured hair, achieving your ideal wedding look shouldn’t be a challenge, regardless of the destination. With the help of Tyshenna Phillips, Expert Braider from Rebundle, a certified trichologist, and owner of Empowhairment you can address concerns about weather-related factors and ensure your hair and scalp are in optimal condition for…

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Hot Weather Hair and Makeup

While summer is arguably one of the best times to have a wedding (the gorgeous selection of flowers, outdoor venue options galore, ease of travel for guests, the list goes on and on!), we won’t deny that there are still some challenges. One of the biggest hurdles – and a total bridal nightmare – is…

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A Godsend for Color Treated Hair


There’s no doubt you want to look your absolute best for your destination wedding or honeymoon! If you have color treated, blonde hair, then your head is tougher than the average bear. Thankfully, today’s beauty scene is getting more creative than ever to cater to us creative types. Considering I have a full head of…

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