Say “I Do” Like a Duchess

The Victoria

One of London’s most iconic, luxury hotels has recently partnered with one of London’s most-notable fashion designers! The Goring was first established in 1910, and has rightfully earned the reputation as one of London’s top, high-end, “quintessentially English” hotels. It was even where the Duchess of Cambridge chose to spend her last night of singledom…

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Mad Hatters

…She slowly descends the red-carpeted stairway, perusing the crowd, all eyes transfixed upon her arresting, intricate, plumed chapeau: the photographers swoop in, cameras flash… Welcome to your entrance and the power of a hat (courage and moxie imbued at no additional charge). Having witnessed milliner Melissa Bolin bring an A-lister ballroom to heel, it’s official:…

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