Important Pre-Wedding Discussions

2. Don’t Push for Change

Before you exchange vows and wed your life to that of another person, it’s important to understand what causes most rifts in loving relationships: miscommunication. It’s best to start these difficult conversations by reaffirming your shared goal. For example, you might tell your partner that you want to talk about finances, but start by saying…

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How to Have a Healthy Argument

Humans are Emotional Animals

Imagine your significant other made a comment about you while you were out with friends that bothered you. Later, when you bring it up, you think your memory of the event is reliable. But scientific study shows that your memory is very faulty, especially when emotions are involved. If the issue at stake happened months…

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A Guest-Friendly Destination Wedding

Provide Rooming Suggestions and Aid

When you decided to have a destination wedding, you probably considered how your guests would react. You want them to share in your joy on a day you’ll never forget in the perfect location. However, your guests probably have opinions about the destination, ranging from those who are excited to travel to those who are…

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Fall Wedding Inspiration

Maison Signore

We wanted to provide you with some fall inspiration and fashion for today’s Destination: Fall Weddings post. Below we’ve shared our Destination: Fall Wedding Pinterest board as well as some past articles relating to fall wedding destinations and real-life weddings hosted in fall destinations. For our brides looking for wedding dress inspiration, you’ll find an…

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Australia Wedding Resources

The Land of Oz

It’s day one of our Destination: Australia week and we’re looking forward to five days packed with down under locations, venues, hotels and trip resources. Whether you’re planning your destination wedding, honeymoon or other nuptial-related excursion in Australia, there will inevitably be logistics to maneuver. Today’s Destination: X post is devoted to the inside scoop you’ll need to…

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An Interview With DID’s Editor

It’s not every day that the editor of a national wedding magazine gets engaged. Therefore, our Fall/Winter 2018 issue’s “Editor’s Letter” is a special one. Our very own Courtney Cox (soon to be Courtney Kellar) heard the question she’d been waiting for, “Will you marry me?” When she came into the office to spill the…

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A Bahamas Destination Wedding

Natalia and Roberto knew almost immediately after getting engaged that a Bahamas destination wedding was the right option for them. The groom wanted a larger wedding and the bride wanted a small affair, so the couple considered a destination wedding the perfect compromise. “We wanted the easy, laidback lifestyle of having a party right on the sand…

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Greece Wedding Resources

The Honeymoon Suite

It’s day one of our Destination: Greece week and we’re looking forward to five days’ worth of gorgeous Grecian resorts, fashion inspiration and real weddings! Whether you’re considering Greece for your destination wedding or honeymoon, there’s going to be planning involved. Today’s Destination: X post is dedicated to providing you with the resources you’ll need…

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7 Tips for Writing Your Wedding Vows

Hire a Professional Wedding Vow Writer

Writing your wedding vows can feel like the most daunting task on your destination wedding to-do list. As a professional wedding vow writer, I collaborate with couples to create custom wedding vows. Here are my seven tips for how to write your wedding vows for your destination wedding. 1. Prepare in Advance: Avoid the stress…

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Jamaican Destination Wedding


Jeff and Nikki got engaged and when they started planning their wedding, they decided to have an intimate nuptial experience. With this in mind, they chose a location in a place they had been to before and they said “I do” in the form of a Jamaican destination wedding. After choosing Negril, Jamaica, where the…

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