A Destination Wedding Timeline

Planning a destination wedding can be chaotic at times. Use this expert-approved timeline the month before your destination wedding to help keep you organized and stress-free. 4 weeks before: “Have your final gown fitting! Make sure to bring your shoes and accessories with you, so you can make sure the entire look is perfect before…

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Book: A Groom with a View

I’m not an expert on wedding planning. I don’t have style, I ignore minor details, and I’ll never accept ‘oyster’ as a color. But, I love my wife. So, when the time came to plan our wedding, I was with her every step of the way. There are millions of people like me, who, while outside…

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How to Avoid Vendor Fraud

avoid vendor fraud

From the moment your fiance proposes, life sweeps up into a whirlwind of wedding preparations and exciting milestones. From choosing the perfect wedding cake flavor to saying yes to the dress, wedding planning should be filled with smiles and happy tears — not stress and anxiety.  Unfortunately, there are scammers out there in the wedding industry…

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10 Tips To Keep Calm & Marry On

Couples far and wide are finding it hard to keep their stress levels and anxiety at bay. It’s no wonder with what’s going on in this world right now. So how do you “keep calm and marry on?” These ten tips are meant to help you not only plan your wedding with a little less…

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Why Wedding Lighting Is Important

When organizing an event of any nature, there are a whole host of things to consider. In today’s post, courtesy of Prebeat, we’re throwing the spotlight on event lighting – looking at how it’s used and why it matters. 1) It influences the mood. Whatever the nature of your event, lighting can really set the…

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4 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

4. Event Management

Destination weddings are on the rise and there are a few really good reasons why. They are more intimate, they are often cost-effective and you can stay and play after your wedding is over and enjoy your honeymoon. Planning a wedding from afar can seem like a daunting task, but when paired with an experienced…

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A Wedding Dress Designer’s Tips

The Wedding Dress

Dana Harel is one of Israel’s leading bridal dress designers and is quickly building a reputation of creating one-of-a-kind wedding dresses, which contain the finest materials and fabrics. Having dressed international celebrity clientele like supermodel Bar Rafeli, Quentin Tarantino’s fiancée Daniella Pick and Whitney Tingle (co-founder of Sakara Life), it’s safe to say that Dana…

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Tips for Being a Bridesmaid

Do's & Don'ts

Wedding planning can be stressful not only for the couple, but for their friends and family as well. Being a member of a destination wedding bridal party can carry immense pressure; responsibility to ensure things run smoothly, planning secondary wedding events and making sure the couple keeps a level head on the big day. Gourmet…

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5 Tips for an Elegant Wedding

Floral Arrangements

1. Soft. Now Softer.Welcome to the time of the trend I’m calling the “light touch.” Before you get a mental image, let me rule out shabby-chic. That is not at all what I’m talking about. What looks on-point now is an undercurrent of softness that feels fresh. This doesn’t mean you abandon bold color –…

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How To Create A Floral Fantasy

Statement Piece

Planning and designing the destination wedding of your dreams involves potentially endless decisions. To help you in making some of these choices, we love to bring you tips and tricks from wedding industry experts. Today, we’re sharing helpful tips from Ron Wendt Design. RWD offers full service event and design production and specializes in creating…

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