Important Registry Items and Etiquette

Couples registering for wedding gifts may want to listen in to the summary of results from a national survey conducted for Erie Insurance before choosing gifts for their registries. The survey asked about items couples didn’t register for but now wish they had, as well as gifts they are still glad they registered for versus ones they…

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Register for This

Best Products

Putting together a gift registry for your destination wedding can be a daunting task. What should you ask for? What is a good price point to register for? Should you combine a few lesser priced items as well as products that are a bit more expensive? What it boils down to is this: register for…

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2018 Wedding and Honeymoon Trends

Honeymoon Trends

The new year means looking forward to holiday and New Year’s parties, as well as new wedding trends to be excited about! With the royal wedding on everyone’s calendar, it’ll be exciting to see the trends that future HRH Meghan Markle will set and what British traditions she’ll keep. For couples choosing to have a…

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Cookware Must-Haves For Newlyweds

Space Saving

One of the best parts about marrying the love of your life is getting to do everyday things together, like cooking. Now, Calphalon’s kitchen tools make preparing meals together easy, fun and scrumptious. After all, the perfect meal is a product of the perfect tools and a dash of love! The Calphalon products are not…

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Charitable Wedding Gift Idea

Gifting Ideas

As part of the wedding planning process, couples open up a registry that allows friends and family to choose exactly what the couple both needs and wants. But, have you heard of a registry for giving back, instead of receiving? Well, with Tendr, a company that combines online cash transfers with cards, they have started…

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Chic Electronic Accessories

Phoebe "Onesie"

When traveling for your destination wedding or honeymoon, you’re no doubt going to be listening to music at some point. Whether it’s in your room while you’re getting ready or to help pass the time on a long flight – be sure to pack your favorite tunes! To help you listen to that music in…

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Registering for Gifts: 5 Tips

Perhaps one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning is registering for gifts. It can be very overwhelming: Am I registering for too much, or too little? Are my selections too expensive? These are just a few questions and doubts you might have and don’t include the sheer number of options in terms of…

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Register For A Cause

Celebration Goblets

With wedding season just around the corner, soon-to-be weds alike are piecing the plans of their wedding puzzle together, in hopes of finally getting to their Destination I Do. With so many components to this exciting, yet sometimes stressful time, there isn’t anything more enjoyable than the idea of your friends, family and loved ones…

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A Modern Wedding Registry

Your Own Custom Registry

With couples busy planning their dream destination wedding or honeymoon, registering often becomes more of a hassle than a joy. Thankfully, online registries are perfect for the modern couple who is tight on time, doesn’t want to limit themselves to individual stores or are possibly living apart. ZOLA is one such online registry and is…

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